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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Yandere Dev

Yandere Dev is an American online game developer. Yandere Dev is the developer of the stealth action video game ‘Yandere Simulator’. Likewise, he has also developed another online game ‘McNinja’.

Early Life and Childhood

Yandere Dev was born on 30th June 1988 and is currently 35 years old. His birth name is Alex Mahan and his zodiac sign is Cancer. Likewise, Alex was born in California, United States of America, and holds American citizenship.

However, regarding his ethnicity and the religion he follows, there is no information about his religion or ethnicity. Likewise, similar to other social media personalities, Alex is quite discreet about his personal life and loves to keep his private life away from his professional life.

There is no information about his family members and siblings shared in the media. Furthermore, regarding her educational qualification, there is no information about her educational background shared in the media. However, he studied 3D at Santa Monica College.


Alex regards video gamer JonTron as his Senpai. Likewise, his favorite video game character is Big Boss and his favorite Undertale character is W.D. Gaster.

Similarly, he is fond of reading manga and his favorite manga is Death Note while his favorite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Likewise, his favorite movie is End of Evangelion and his favorite song is Komm SuBer Tod from End of Evangelion. Similarly, his favorite book is Catch-22; his favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.

Alex learned programming by using the application ‘Game Maker’. While working in an unnamed company as a video game developer, he turned it into a skill. Likewise, he uses Adobe Premiere while editing his videos and OBS to record his screen.

Being a gamer, the first game he played was ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, and the first game he owned was ‘Donkey Kong Country. Likewise, he prefers Android while making games as a developer as it is easy to make games.

Yandere Dev – Net Worth 2024

Alex is a video game developer and a YouTube personality. Likewise, his primary source of income is through his online games and YouTube channel.

However, regarding his net worth, he has not shared his net worth with the media. Likewise, there is no information about his asset values like houses and cars.

Social Media

Reflecting upon his social media presence, Yandere Dev is active on various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter besides his YouTube channel.

His Instagram handle is @yandere._.dev and has over 17.5k followers in it. Likewise, his Facebook account is @alexdevyanderede,v and has over 4.1k followers. Similarly, Alex joined Twitter in October 2014 and has over 205.8k followers on it.

Professional Life

Alex worked for a video game company for three years before pursuing indie game development. In the previous company, he worked on five console games and five mobile games.

However, after he left the company, he started his YouTube channel ‘Yandere Dev‘ on 5th April 2014 titled ‘Yandere Dev’. Moreover, Alex developed YandereDev and partnered it with TinyBuild.

Yandere Simulator is a stealth game of an innocent lovesick schoolgirl named Ayano Aishi aka ‘Yandere-chan’. Her character stalks a boy and secretly eliminates any girl who seems interested in him, maintaining the image of an innocent girl.

Likewise, this game has an age restriction and contains mature content. This game should not be played or watched by those under the age of 13 years old.

Yandere chan

Caption: Visual image of ‘Yandere simulator’. Source: Instagram

Likewise, Alex posted his first video ‘ORIGINAL YANDERE SIMULATOR PROTOTYPE’ on 4th April 2014. In this video, he has shown, her nature.

It comprises a diverse array of methods ranging from peaceful to violent, including matchmaking, befriending, betrayal, gossip, expulsion, frameup, electrocution, kidnapping, faked suicide, and other rival-specific elimination methods.

Following this, another video was ‘YANDERE SIMULATOR VISUAL NOVEL CUTSCENE TEST’ posted on 1st June 2014. Similarly, he posted ‘YANDERE-CHAN’S CHILDHOOD’ on 25th July 2017.

In this video, he has explained the childhood of Yandere-chan and how it came into existence. Likewise, this video has over 10 million views on it.

Moreover, Alex has posted around 168 videos on his channel having 424 million views on it. His most popular video is ‘INDESTRUCTIBLE RIVAL 2’ having 15 million views on it since he posted it on 6th August 2016.

Followed by this, another most viewed video is ‘YANDERE SIMULATOR MALE RIVAL INTRODUCTION  VIDEO’. This video was posted on 1st April 2017 and has over 13 million views on it.

Relationship Status

Yandere Dev is straight and probably single. Similar to some online gamers, Alex has not revealed much information about his personal life.

Likewise, he loves to keep his life private and does not prefer to mix it with his professional life. Similarly, Alex has maintained a clean image of himself in public and is far from any sort of rumors or controversies.

Yandere Dev – Body Measurements

Regarding his body measurements, Yandere Dev has not shared his body measurements like height, weight, and vital measurements. Likewise, he has not shared many of his pictures on social media.

Moreover, Alex uses an anime-style illustration to represent himself on social media. Similarly, he has used a picture of Yandere-chan as his avatar picture in his older videos using her to represent himself.