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Spencer Wallace

Spencer Wallace is a young American social media personality. Spencer Wallace is popular for appearing on the family channel “Crazy Middle” as a part of the huge Wallace family with a total of 20 siblings!

Early Life

Spencer Wallaces was born on October 5, 2003, and he is currently 20 years old. He hails from the United States and his zodiac sign is Libra. Talking about his family, he is an adopted child. His adoptive parents are Jared Wallace and Shelly Wallace.

Altogether, the Wallaces have 20 children in their household, 2 biological, 15 adopted, and 3 foster kids. The couple decided to try foster care for the adoptions. They would try to search out children who have siblings and have been separated, put them back together, and adopt them.

The names of the Wallace children are Kylie, Destiny, Weston, Jonathan, Cody, Lacey, Elizabeth, Cynthia, Spencer, Harlan, Jacob, Aubrey, Addison, Mason, Braxton, Anavaeh, Trey, Brinley, Landon, and Kason. Among them all, the two biological children of Jared and Shelly are Kylie and Landon.

Likewise, his biological brother is also an adopted kid in the Wallace family and his name is Weston. The family has also adopted two pet dogs namely Belle and Lilly, as well as two alpacas namely Al and Paca.

Spencer Wallace

Caption: Spencer Wallace with his parents in a YouTube video. Source: Youtube

Spencer Wallace – Career and Professional Life

Professionally, Spencer Wallace is a young social media personality. He is popular as the adopted child of the large Wallace family that is featured on the YouTube channel “CRAZY MIDDLES”.

When the couple married, Shelly’s eldest daughter, Kylie, was already 12 years old. Kylie is actually from Shelly’s previous marriage. When they had Landon, there was a 12-year difference. Hence, they wanted to adopt in the middle of these two biological kids. They adopted a few kids in the middle and their family kept growing and growing, getting crazier and crazier. Hence, they named their YouTube channel “Crazy Middles”.

The Wallace family created their channel in February of 2015. The oldest video on this channel is titled MEET THE MIDDLES! They uploaded this video on 15 February 2015 and so far have over 198.8k views. Likewise, the most-watched video on this channel is EMERGENCY KITS FOR TEEN GIRLS 2019-2020! | BACK TO SCHOOL! | PERIOD KIT! This video has garnered over 2.6 million views since July 27, 2019.

Adoption Story

Talking in more detail about the Wallaces’ adopted kids, they first adopted the three siblings, i.e. Cody, Elizabeth (or Lizzy), and Lacey. The next was the four siblings namely Destiny, Cynthia, Jonathan, and Isaac. However, Isaac was not ready for a home at the time so he wasn’t able to stay with the Wallace family.

Jared and Shelly then adopted two siblings namely Braxton and Anavaeh. These two’s adoption story is one of the coolest among all Wallace siblings. The couple needed to spend a long time finding Braxton, who was actually in a foster home at the time. The two siblings had been separated for a long time before the Wallace family adopted them together.

The couple then adopted a group of boys and they were Weston, Spencer, Mason, and Jacob. Although they were adopted at the same time, only he and Weston were biological siblings. Shelly tricked Jared into adopting Mason and Jacob.

The family’s next adoption was Addison, Aubrey, and Harlan. After that, the family adopted Kason, then Addison. They got Trey from the hospital when he was only 2 days old. Likewise, Brinley is his biological sister, and Trey and Brinley were the last adoption story of the Wallace family. Most of the adopted kids are still in contact with their biological families!

Spencer Wallace

Caption: Spencer Wallace with his whole family on the day of adopting Brinley and Trey. Source: Youtube

Name Changes

Anavaeh’s old name was Serenity and Braxton’s was Caden Nathaniel. His previous name was James Curtis, Mason’s was Chance James, and Jacob’s was Hayden Allen. Likewise, Aubrey’s previous name was Nevaeh, and Harlan’s old name was Adian.

Moreover, Kason’s name was Paul when he came into the family and Addison’s name was Gianna. Trey’s name was Hunter Glen but the family decided to change his name to Trey and kept his previous name Hunter as his middle name. Brinley’s previous name was Karma Mae and she was the one who came to her parents and decided to change her name.

Spencer Wallace – Relationship Status

At the young age of 17 years, Spence Wallace is single at present. But in tshortlyencer is sure to attract many lovers through his talent, handsomeness, and charms. Talking about his parents’ relationship status, Jared and Shelly got married when Shelly’s first daughter, Kylie, was 12 years old. Kylie is Shelly’s daughter from her previous marriage and she and Jared had Landon a year after their marriage. At present, the couple has 20 kids altogether including all the adopted ones.

Spencer Wallace – Body Measurements

Unfortunately, there is no verified information regarding Spencer Wallace’s body measurement details like his height, weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, etc. Likewise, he has hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Spencer Wallace

Caption: Spencer Wallace in a YouTube video with Cody Wallace. Source: Youtube

He doesn’t have personal accounts but he regularly appears on his family’s social media accounts. The family’s Instagram account boasts 120 post shares and 86.5k followers, and they go by the username @crazymiddles on this platform. They created their YouTube channel “CRAZY MIDDLES” on February 6, 2015. So far, this channel has earned over 178 million views and 533K subscribers.

Social Media

The Wallace family has a Twitter account under the username @CrazyMiddles. they created it in February 2015 and so far have over 13.3K followers. They also have a Facebook page and we can also send fan mails to Crazy Middles; P.O. Box 3071; St. Johns, AZ 85936.

Spencer Wallace- Net worth 2024

Talking about the net worth of Spencer Wallace is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2024.