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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Shanthi Wilkinson

Shanthi Wilkinson is the celebrity wife of Kojo Adeyemo Annan. Kojo Adeyemo Annan is a Nigerian-Ghanaian businessman. Also, he is the son of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Early Life

Shanthi Wilkinson has not yet revealed her earlier life. The date of birth, parents, place of both, and other family members are not disclosed. Additionally, she has been away from the farm and the media attention. She has preferred to keep her early life private.

Shanthi Wilkinson

Caption: Shanthi Wilkinson in her childhood photo. Source(Instagram)

Shanthi Wilkinson – Net Worth 2024

Her professional background and net worth are not known yet. But, being a wife of a businessman, she is enjoying her lifestyle. She and her family are living an expansive and lavish lifestyle.


Shanthi Wilkinson has not revealed her career. But, her husband Koji is a famous businessman. Previously, Kojo Annan worked in West Africa for the Swiss-based inspection company Cotecna, from 1995 – 1997. Later, in the same company, he worked as a marketing consultant. In September 1998, Likewise, he met with several heads of state and government ministers, September 1998.  It was during the opening session of the U.N. General Assembly. In December, for the Oil- the food contract, Cotecna won $4.8 million.

Shanthi Wilkinson

Caption: Shanthi Wilkinson’s husband Kojo during his speech. Source(Wikiwand)

However, he continued to be paid by the company till 2004.  Later, it was confirmed by the IIC that Cotecna won fairly after The Second Interim Report. Additionally, he had no link in the contract.  Also, the company has been transparent and cooperative throughout the investigation.

More about career

He claimed that the probe into the Programme by U.S. congressional committees, on December 13, 2004. Additionally, as part of a broader Republican political agenda, it was a witch hunt from day one. He confessed in a January 2005 article in The Sunday Times, about his involvement. Later, he revealed his involvement.   Later, he was mentioned in the song, United Abominations, by Dave Mustaine.

The song was the title track of Megadeth’s 2007 studio release. He was listed in a leaked confidential document, the Panama Papers, in April 2016. Moreover, currently, he holds an interest in several start-ups. Also, in 2016, he founded Africa10. It is a social enterprise focusing on the development of African youth through sports and education.

Personal Life

Shanthi Wilkinson is married to Kojo Adeyemo Annan. There is no information on how they came to know each other. But, In March 2014, she was married to Kojo Annan. Kojo is a renowned businessman. He is also famous as the son of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Later, they were blessed with 3 sons born in 2015 and 2018. Likewise, her sons also have stayed away from fame like her. She with her family is living a happy life.

Shanthi Wilkinson

Caption: Shanthi Wilkinson with her husband Kojo. Source(Instagram)


She has not revealed herself and stayed away from the media. She has not become famous on her own. Thus, she is now the wife of a famous businessman. Undoubtedly, she has not been in any candles and controversies. Likewise, Kojo has also maintained her business and stayed away from scandals. Thus, Kojo has not been part of any rumors and controversies yet. Moreover, they have maintained their professional and personal life.

Body Measurements

Shanthi Wilkinson has black eye color and straight black hair. She has a dark skin color and is very beautiful. Also, she has maintained her physics and stands perfectly.

Shanthi Wilkinson – Social Media

She has an Instagram named  @shanthiannan10. As of now, she has 491 followers. But, she has not followers many people and kept between her friends and family. She has been posting photos of herself, her family, and her children.