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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Prince Philip

Prince Philip was Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. Prince Philip was the British monarch’s consort from Elizabeth’s coronation as queen on February 6, 1952, until he died in 2021, making him the longest-serving royal consort in history.

Early Life and Childhood

Prince Philip was born on June 10, 1921, in the city of Mon Repos Estate, Corfu, Greece. He was a naturalized Greek-British citizen and Christian by religion.

Similarly, his full name was Philip Mountbatten and his birth sign was Gemini. He was the only child of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark (father) and Princess Alice of Battenberg (mother).

He was a member of Denmark’s ruling House of Glucksburg. Similarly, a prince of both Greece and Denmark by his patrilineal descent from King George I of Greece and King Christian IX of Denmark; he was born in the line of succession to both thrones.

His four elder sisters were Cecilie, Margarita, Theodora, and Sophie. In the Greek Orthodox rite, he was christened at St. George’s Church in Corfu’s Old Fortress.


Philip died on April 9, 2021, in the city of Windsor Castle, Windsor, United Kingdom at the age of 99 due to natural causes. On 17 April 2021, he was laid to rest in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, alongside 25 other coffins, including George III.

Moreover, on the evening of September 19, 2022, after Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, the bodies of Prince Philip and the Queen were interred in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at St George’s.


In terms of his educational background, he was a student at Cheam School. Further in 1993he was sent to the Schule Schloss Salem in Germany. With the rise of Nazism in Germany, Kurt Hahn, Salem’s Jewish founder, fled persecution and founded Gordonstoun School in Scotland. Philip transferred there after two terms at Salem.

Prince Philip – Net Worth 2024

Philip was the British monarch’s consort and his estimated net worth was around $30 million. Also, he received an annual salary of $500k and his source of income was mainly from the parliament. However, his monthly and weekly wages are unknown.

Prince Philip

Caption: Prince Philip in his old age. Source: IMDb

Career and Professional Life

After leaving Gordonstoun in early 1939, he spent a term as a cadet at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, before returning to Greece and spending a month with his mother in Athens in mid-1939.

In September, he returned to Britain at the request of the Greek king, George II (his first cousin), to resume training for the Royal Navy. The following year, he graduated from Dartmouth as the best cadet in his class.

Moreover, during WWII, he remained in British service, while two of his brothers-in-law, Prince Christoph of Hesse and Berthold, Margrave of Baden, fought on the opposing German side.

Following a series of courses at Portsmouth, he received the highest grade in four out of five sections of the qualifying examination. During the Battle of Cape Matapan, he was in charge of the battleship’s searchlights and was mentioned in dispatches.

Additionally, he also received the Greek War Cross. In June 1942, he was assigned to the destroyer HMS Wallace, which took part in convoy escort duties off the east coast of the United Kingdom as well as the Allied invasion of Sicily.

Prince Philip

Caption: Prince Philip giving a pose. Source: Encyclopedia Britain

More about his Career

Furthermore, he was appointed the first lieutenant of HMS Wallace in October of the same year, at 21. He was one of the Navy’s youngest first lieutenants. During the invasion of Sicily in July 1943, Wallace saved his ship from a night bomber attack as second in command.

Later, he devised a plan to launch a raft with smoke floats, which successfully diverted the bombers’ attention, allowing the ship to slip away unnoticed. Also, in 1944, he transferred to the new destroyer HMS Whelp, where he served in the British Pacific Fleet’s 27th Destroyer Flotilla.

In addition, he was present in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrender instrument was signed. In January 1946, he returned to the United Kingdom on the Whelp and was assigned as an instructor at HMS Royal Arthur, the Petty Officers’ School in Corsham, Wiltshire.

Brand Endorsements

Philip has not endorsed any brand till now. Also, he is not promoting anything till now and is not collaborating with any brands. No information is available on the web regarding the other brands he has cooperated with or not.

Also, he has not disclosed any information about the brands or companies he has endorsed. Moreover, in the coming days, we may see him being associated with some brands and supporting their products.

Awards and Nominations

Before and during his time as Queen Elizabeth II’s consort, he received numerous titles, decorations, and honorary appointments. He received the Greek War Cross and the Royal Victorian Chain Award.

Similarly, he received medals from Britain, France, and Greece for his service during WWII, as well as ones commemorating George VI and Elizabeth II’s coronations and Elizabeth’s silver, gold, and diamond jubilees.

Relationship Status

In July 1939, he began dating beautiful Princess Elizabeth, who was King George VI’s elder daughter, and presumptive heir.

Before their official engagement announcement in July 1947, he gave up his Greek and Danish royal titles and styles became a naturalized British subject, and took his maternal grandparents’ surname, Mountbatten.

On November 20, 1947, he married Elizabeth. They both had four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward.

Prince Philip

Caption: Prince Philip with his wife. Source: Politico


The engagement of Philip and Elizabeth sparked some debate. Some of the King’s advisors suggested that he had no money, was foreign-born, and had sisters who had married German noblemen with Nazi connections.

Body Measurements

Talking about his height he was 6 Feet tall and weighed 82kg. Similarly, his eye color was blue his hair color was brown and his shoe size was 13(US). However, his accurate body measurements are unknown.

Prince Philip – Social Media

Prince Philip was not available on social media sites. In his days, social media weren’t as popular as now. The only medium of communication was the telephone and letters. However, there are some of his fan-made profiles.