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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Penguinz0 is an American YouTube commentator. Penguinz0 has received critical acclaim for his dry humor and repetition in the usage of the words ‘nipple’ and ‘titties’, which have become synonymous with his character.

Early Life and Childhood

Penguinz0’s real name is Charles Xavier “Charlie” White Jr., born on August 2, 1994. He is from the USA and has American citizenship. Presently, he is 29 years old and his birth sign is Leo.

In several of his video streams he mentioned studying at one the American schools and graduating the college, but no one knows exactly. On May 7th, 2016, Charles graduated.


Caption: Penguinz0 clicking a picture with his dad. Source: Instagram

Penguinz0 – Social Media

Penguinz0’s Instagram account ‘@bigmoistcr1tikal’ has earned over 507K followers. He has gathered more than 780.5K followers on his Twitter account. Charles is active on Twitch under the username ‘@moistcr1tikal’ and has amassed over 1.1 followers.

Likewise, his ‘penguinz0’ YouTube channel has earned more than 5.57 million subscribers.


Several rumors and claims attribute Cr1TiKaL’s relation to a partnership with an unknown source of a company. He is allegedly being paid for his videos and topics but uses the money to pay off charities.

His first note on charities was highlighted in his video concerning “Charity”, in which he discusses his financial matters. And his motive is to give money to charities.

He also confirmed that he was not being paid to make his videos. However, rumors eventually arose about him establishing a partnership with another company after his videos on charities were made, which focused on his “philanthropy.”

He has since ceased donating to charities after looking into the history of the charities he donated to and found most of the money he donated wouldn’t go to the charities. But instead into the pockets of the organizers.

Charles confirmed this during multiple interviews with guests on the Official Podcast.

In 2018 he began broadcasting on Twitch. He used to stream on YouTube but became afraid of the moderation of the site. And a lack of communication between him and YouTube’s support team. He streams games and watches chat-suggested videos.

Penguinz0 – Rise to Fame

Penguinz0 first joined YouTube on May 7, 2007. Following a brief period, he uploaded his first video on August 5 of the same year. His self-titled YouTube channel ‘Penguinz0‘ has mustered more than 12.3 million subscribers to date.

It was titled “Gears of War jetpack glitch (NO Standby or lag switch) AP” and its main topic was the performance of a glitch in the video game “Gears Of War”.

Charles gained brief popularity on his first video where he commentated over it, which was “Aliens vs. Predator Let Rock Achievement Guide”.

Therefore, his low voice was noted by several YouTubers who had watched his video and praised his notable “deep voice” and “seriousness”.

Cr1TiKaL allegedly took note of his performance in the video and began commentating over several videos, though they mainly focused on tutorials and were more solemn.

His first brush with humor was touched on in his video “Battlefield BC 2 Hilarious Round Saving Destruction”, which was about an accident in the video game, Battlefield Bad Company 2, which he considered humorous.

He would later upload several videos concerning humorous moments and periods transpiring through Battlefield Bad Company 2.


His first video in which he entirely focused on delivering humor in the form of insults and sarcasm through commentary was a video titled “Modern Warfare 2 Ground War 1-20 Gameplay and Commentary”.

He deliberately gave a hilariously bad performance in playing a Ground War of Ream Deathmatch in the multiplayer category of “Modern Warfare 2”.

In his content, he repeatedly insulted players who killed him while poking fun at himself and repetitive use self-encouragement in which he praised himself while also using mild forms of criticism.

The video, as a result, gained wide critical acclaim and performed better than his early videos in terms of views. He will later cover a variety of video games while commentating on Call of Duty games with the same “terrible” performances.


Caption: Penguinz0 while making a YouTube video. Source: YouTube

Rise in Popularity

His videos gained high critical acclaim following his commentaries on video games. They were often praised as “hilarious” and “sarcastic,” and several YouTubers claimed to have cried out of laughter.

However, his audience expanded at a rapid rate after he uploaded a video titled “The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary.”

Cr1TiKaL repeatedly lashed out at the game itself and the production while attempting to move the character but failed. Cr1TiKaL’s primary focus was on sarcasm, commentary, and insult as he tried to complete the game.

The video ended with him failing and cursing the video game.

The video eventually gained popularity and Ray William Johnson took note of and reviewed it. By establishing the humor and praising Cr1TiKaL’s sense of insults and association with the word ‘nipple’.

The video’s view count subsequently raised at a drastic rate, and Cr1TiKaL earned a considerable number of views, along with his number of subscribers increasing at an exponential rate.

Penguinz0 – Personal Life

In his Five Nights at Penguinz0 video, he tells the story of when he was 19. He accidentally urinated in a girl’s mouth when he was receiving fellatio. But he stated that their relationship continued after that.

Moreover, on September 20, 2015, Cr1TiKaL officially revealed his real name to be Charlie in the video “About Me”. This confirmed previous theories that Charlie in the credits of Lucius II was referring to Cr1TiKaL.

Over the years, he opened up about his personal life. By revealing both his dogs, his girlfriend Tiana Tracy, and even his dad in videos and streams from 2018 onward. He and Tiana have been dating for over 2 years now. However, they are having a great time together.


Caption: Penguinz0 clicking a photo with his girlfriend, Tiana. Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

This YouTube gamer stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall. He has an average weight that matches his body physique. Moreover, there is no other information regarding his body measurements.

However, he has an athletic body and a healthy body status. Further, he has light brown hair and brown eyes.

Penguinz0 – Net Worth 2024

This amazing YouTuber earns a handsome amount of money. His estimated net worth is around $4.2 million. Moreover, Penguinz0 ranks among one of the funniest YouTube commentators.