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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Paul Zimmer

Paul Zimmer is an American social media sensation who disappeared from the world of social media after being involved in several scandals. He was once a well-known social media star who now is disliked by many and there was also the hashtag #BanPaulZimmer trending online at that time.

Early Life and Childhood

Paul Zimmer was born on July 13, 1995, and his age is currently 27 years old. He is originally from Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Talking about his family, Paul has six older siblings but has not mentioned their names. Other than this, there is no information about his parents and other family details.

Paul also has yet to share information regarding his educational journey. However, considering his age, we can assume that he might be a university student unless he decides to take a break from his studies and focus on his professional career.

Paul Zimmer

Caption: Paul posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

Professional Life

Professionally, Paul Zimmer is a social media personality. He mainly gained fame through his Instagram account @paulzimmer in which he has earned over 1 million followers. However, he has disabled this account.

Earlier, Paul Zimmer also had brief visibility on the video-sharing platform, YouTube. He also earned a verification crown on the video clip-sharing platform It is now known as Tiktok and it has over 7 million fans. Paul frequently posted TikTok reaction videos to his YouTube channel, featuring by Jacob Sartorius, Loren Gray, and other popular social stars.

Most of Paul’s videos featured him doing jerky dance moves to pop tracks and taking his top off in time to the music. By the start of 2017, these videos were regularly receiving 500,000 views and he had over seven million followers on his account.

More details

Moreover, Paul Zimmer and his long-time friend Danny started a YouTube channel in June 2013 and called it “ExclamationPointYT”.  Their most popular videos include“CLOTHS GUYS LIKE ON GIRLS, SEXY THINGS GIRLS DO, and CUTE BUT WEIRD THINGS GIRLS DO.

They uploaded videos that had songs, funny moments, and challenges. After gaining stardom from this collaborative channel, Paul created a channel where he posts a fresh video every week. However, Paul left the channel in 2016 after becoming friends with a new group of people who encouraged him to leave Danny and embark on a different creative path.

At the age of twelve, Paul had deciphered his career and he knew he was going to make it big through the art of music. As he grew older, Paul’s voice matured and when he took to social media to display his talent, he received great feedback.

Along with his friend Danny, he posted videos of his songs along with other hilarious videos. He steadily gained subscribers and was able to gain a multitude of followers across all social platforms. Moreover, Paul became one of the top Musers on the TikTok app.


Paul Zimmer reportedly had his fans give him money in exchange for online interactions, including video shout-outs and personalized DMs. The money was in the form of paid-for stickers. Although the practice was somewhat normal at the time, hundreds of irate people claimed he never followed up on his promises, and the hashtag #BanPaulZimmer started trending online.

Paul Zimmer

Caption: Paul introducing Troy Becker as his doppelganger. Source: New Statesman

Amid the backlash, Paul erased the content on his Instagram and YouTube channel and essentially vanished from social media for 18 months until he returned late last year to introduce Becker to his fan base. Following Zimmer’s announcement that Becker was taking over his social media, YouTube star Danny Gonzalez posted his video accusing the former star of trying to give himself a new identity. In the video shared on 30th December, Danny Gonzalez says:

“Paul Zimmer was one of’s former biggest stars. He disappeared, and now he’s now back. But he’s pretending that he’s not. He’s pretending to be someone else. He’s pretending that’s he’s just a different dude. Paul’s really hoping nobody noticed. But guess what? I noticed and so did everyone else.”

In the clip, Gonzalez shared photos and videos of ‘Troy Becker taking an acting class with Zimmer’s fiancé, Jamie, in June to show that Zimmer and his doppelganger are not only identical but also have the same voice. Following the accusations from many people online, it seems that Paul has once again responded to the public backlash by disappearing. As of early 2020, both Zimmer and Becker’s Instagram accounts have been deactivated.

Relationship Status

As the young star has disappeared from social media platforms, it is unclear what his marital status is. Some claim that he is married to his long-time lover and fellow social media star Jamie Rose. They have been together since the summer of 2017. There are also photos circulating that claim Paul and Jamie have a child together after getting married to each other secretly.

Paul Zimmer

Caption: Paul posing for a photo with his lover Jamie Rose. Source: Instagram

Paul Zimmer – Body Measurements

Paul Zimmer stands tall at a height of ‎5 feet and 7 inches. His other body measurement details including his weight, chest-waist-hip measures, biceps, dress size, shoe size, etc are all still under review. Likewise, Paul has a green pair of eyes and dark brown hair that he often dyes blonde.

Paul Zimmer – Social Media

Talking about his social media presence, Paul doesn’t have a verified social media account at present. Before the scandals, Paul had millions of followers on his accounts on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, etc. However, he was caught up in a serious scandal. Hence, he has gone into hiding from the public. Or, as some say, he disappeared from the social media career for a long period now.