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Updated On February 13, 2024
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Nick Eh 30


Nick Eh 30 is a Canadian gamer whose YouTube channel is dedicated to his thoughts and opinions on popular video games like The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, and Fortnite. Nick Eh 30 also live-streams his gaming sessions on his personal ‘YouTube channel and is one of the top live-streamers of the game.

Early Life and Childhood

Nick Eh 30 was born on 14 March 1995, in his birthplace, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. His birth name is Nicholas Teddy Amyoony. He is a Canadian boy who is of Lebanese descent. Nick’s age is 28 years old as of 2024 and his zodiac sign is Pisces. He has featured his mom in his videos. Furthermore, he has not shared his mother’s name, as well as any other information related to his family, which is unknown. There are also no details regarding his educational journey. Moreover, Nick has a pet dog. He is also a blue belt in Taekwondo.

Nick Eh 30

Caption: Nick Eh 30 featuring his mom and dad in his YouTube video. Source: YouTube

Career and Professional Life

Nick launched his channel on ‘YouTube’ back on December 20, 2014. He started by making videos of the action-adventure survival horror video game ‘The Last of Us.’ The videos included funny moments captured in the game, along with tips and tactics. He also uploaded a few videos of the game, involving specific weapons and their proper uses. Nick was well-known for making parody videos of the game, which became quite popular with his audiences.

2 years later, Nick started doing ‘Uncharted 4’ and ‘Resident Evil 7’ videos, which gave him more audience boost. Nick had played multiple games while still playing The Last Of Us. In 2017, Nick got The Last Of Us 2, storytime, and classic gameplays that Nick always did.

However, it took a long time for him to manage the limelight in the gaming and streaming fraternity. In June 2018, Nick and his gaming partner OneShotGurl (or “One_shot_GURL”), entered a competition against FaZe Cloak and FaZe Tfue. The competition was to determine which pair could make the most kills in the online action game ‘Fortnite’ at a ‘Friday Fortnite Tournament.’

All four players were in the game together, but the kill count was measured separately to determine the winning pair. However, the four players ended up making a record for the most PC kills (53) in the history of the game. This record lasted for a month before FaZe Tfue and his team bettered it.

PewDiePie Shout Out

On September 23, 2015, PewDiePie announced a shout-out competition, and you’re supposed to tell PewDiePie on his official PewDiePie page why you deserve a shout-out. Nick did enter the shout-out competition. PewDiePie did do this month before the shout-outs were given due to there being too many submissions.

But, on March 10, 2016, PewDiePie made the shout-out video to 10 YouTubers. 3 of the YouTubers were mentioned by PewDiePie, with 7 others just being linked in the description as ‘Bonus’. Nick was the 3 YouTuber to be noticed by PewDiePie, and PewDiePie noticed Nick Eh 30 first before the 2 other winners.

2 years later after Nick’s popularity on YouTube, on June 22, 2018, Nick mentioned the shout-out he had won. He stated, “Hey @pewdiepie, remember when you shouted out my channel over 2 years ago? You picked me out of the thousands of channels that entered your contest. Thanks for seeing something in my channel, and, in a way, believing I could become successful. I made it, Dad.”.

PewDiePie replied, “That’s all you and your grind, my dude. Glad to see you’re doing well for yourself!”. Furthermore, Nick finally responded with, “Thanks a lot, pewds. I appreciate it.”

Nick Eh 30

Caption: Nick Eh 30 learning to drive in the iRacing simulator with Austin Dillon. Source: Instagram


On April 21, 2019, Nick qualified for Fortnite’s World Cup tournament with his duo partner I AM WILDCAT. He was already eliminated but his partner WILDCAT was still playing. After WILDCAT got eliminated, he immediately reported the user who eliminated WILDCAT for using a scroll wheel to build.

The scroll wheel building is a new Fortnite mechanic to counter “turtles” in Fortnite and is also a legal thing to do in Fortnite, especially in tournaments. When Nick was in the process of reporting, he was not confident if the user was using the scroll wheel mechanic or not and went on to take action against the user anyway.

Moreover, it was found out that the user Nick reported was a competitive controller player Flux (A.K.A Fluxcious or FluxFN). The reason for Flux eliminating WILDCAT was that he replaced WILDCAT’s wall with his while WILDCAT was looking in the opposite direction from Flux. Flux had a clear chance of replacing WILDCAT’s wall with his. Flux was able to make an edit play to eliminate WILDCAT. This method is a common professional/amateur method done in past tournaments and regular games.

Accusations of Cheating in a Charity Event

The 2020 Fortnite Streamer Bowl took place on January 30, 2020, for Charity, with Nick being there with his partner Davis Morgan, and becoming 6th place, earning $30,000 raised to St. Jude. During the Charity event, Nick talked to Davis – stating to land outside of the location area. Nick also adds that they would “only receive a warning” as long as they didn’t break the rules too much. Liquid Chap mentioned on Twitter that he was frustrated he didn’t place where they “deserved to”.

Net Worth 2024

Without a doubt, Nick probably earns a good amount of money through his gaming career and YouTube channel. Moreover, he also gets money from the Fortnite tournaments. However, his estimated net worth is around $2 million as of 2022.

Personal Life

Nick Eh 30 has not been involved in any kind of relationship with anyone. Even though he had one, he had not yet been revealed to the public to date. He has kept his personal life a secret. He might be fully focused on his career development rather than being involved in any kind of relationship.

Nick Eh 30 – Body Measurements

He has a good and healthy body physique. Nick stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches but there are no details about his weight. Therefore, more details regarding his body measurements are also not available. Further, he has a pair of dark brown eyes and hair of the same color.

Nick Eh 30

Caption: Nick Eh 30 clicking a photo. Source: Twitter

Nick Eh 30 – Social Media

As a successful YouTube star, Nick Eh 30 is also active on other social media platforms. He has gained over 1 million followers on Twitter. He has amassed over 3.4 million followers on his ‘@nickeh30‘ Instagram account. Nick is also available on Facebook with more than 108k followers. Likewise, he is also active on TikTok with more than 4.6 million followers and 133.4 million likes.

Moreover, his main YouTube channel ‘Nick Eh 30’ has earned over 6.54 million subscribers, and his second YouTube channel ‘Nick Eh 30 EXTRAS’ has earned over 63.1k subscribers.