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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Nancy Shevell

Nancy Shevell is the Vice-President of the “Shevell Group of Companies” and hails from New York. Nancy Shevell is more popular as the wife of the English singer, songwriter, record, and film producer, Paul McCartney.

Early Life

Nancy Shevell’s birthdate is 20th November 1959 and her birthplace is New York, United States. As of now, Nancy Shevell’s age must be sixty-one years old and her sun sign is Scorpio.

Likewise, the businesswoman is an American native and is of Jewish-American ethnicity. Shevell has been following the Jewish religion and is from a business family.

Nancy Shevell is Nancy’s father Myron P. Shevell who owns the New England Motor Freight and her mother is Arlene Shevell.

The businesswoman also has two siblings and their names are Jon Shevell and Susan Shevell. The singer’s wife is from a Jewish family and she grew up in Edison, New Jersey.

Sadly, Nancy Shevell’s mother passed away in the year 1991 due to breast cancer. While Nancy was young, she always had more interest in boyish belongings.

This means that Nancy was not fond of playing with dolls. But Shevell always preferred collecting the toy trucks that her dad would buy for her.

Nancy Shevell loved spending most of her time at her dad’s truck stations from where she began evolving her attention in the business of her family.

The businesswoman also signified her school’s girl football group. Moreover, Nancy Shevell also loved skiing and flying.

As for her education, Nancy received a degree in the field of transportation after joining Arizona State University. At that time, Nancy Shevell was one of the few girls who had a major in such a boyish subject.

Nancy Shevell

Caption: Nancy when she was young (Source: Daily Mail)

Nancy Shevell – Relationship Status

Nancy Shevell got to meet the former lawyer and politician, Bruce Blakeman during her university days. After a short time, the couple tied the knot and even gave birth to their son, Arlen.

However, the couple got separated and divorced each other in December 2008. After that, the businesswoman fell in love with Paul McCartney, the famous multi-instrumentalist of “The Beatles”.

Nancy and Paul got to meet for the first time when they were in the Hamptons, on New York’s Long Island.

At that time, the musician also was just out of his bad marital relationship. While dating each other, the couple tried their best to keep their relationship out of the media but failed to do so.

Paul and Nancy were frequently found spending their private time. Since the businesswoman was in a relationship with Paul before her divorce from Bruce, she revealed their relationship after the divorce was complete.

Soon after revealing their relationship, they eventually did their engagement.

Some more

In addition, Paul McCartney gave Nancy a USD 650 thousand ‘1925 Cartier’ solitaire from Tate Galleries as a gift.

The businesswoman then signed a prenuptial contract which specified that she wouldn’t get any financial support if the couple’s marital relationship is broken in the future.

On 9th October 2011, the couple finally turned into husband and wife after 4 years of courtship. The couple’s wedding took place at the “Old Marylebone Town Hall”, located in London.

Shevell’s wedding dress’s designer was Paul’s daughter, Stella McCartney. Paul’s other daughter, Beatrice from his 2nd wife, Heather Mills, became the flower girl at their wedding.

As for his son, James McCartney, he kindly welcomed his new mother. Moreover, the couple has accepted each other’s kids from their former marital relationships.

As of now, the whole family is living happily with each other. Unfortunately, the businesswoman was identified with cancer previously.

Nancy Shevell

Caption: Nancy with her husband (Source: Sahiwal)

Nancy Shevell – Career and Professional Life

In the year 1983, Nancy Shevell went on to serve for her family business. It wasn’t that easy for Nancy to manage and run the business of aledominating.

Before Nancy Shevell merged into her family business, she had already found every adversity her family company had faced. Soon after this, the Shevell Brothers were feeling guilty underneath numerous circumstances of illegality.

In the 1920s, Nancy’s dad made up the business, and after some time she also united with his brother to begin an entirely self-determining company.

The company was then announced to become bankrupt. His uncle was also incapable of handling the pressure and went on to commit suicide. Then, Nancy’s dad purchased the trucking company, “New England Motor Freight”.

The same company as of now is one of the firms of the Shevell Group Of Companies. But her dad was again taken under custody of deception. All these incidents did not make Nancy hopeless and she started working harder with a positive attitude.

Every willpower of the businesswoman helped her to flourish the company and Nancy united the business. Within the 3 years of uniting the businesses, Nancy turned to be the Shevell Group of Companies Vice President

In the year 2001, the businesswoman was selected as one of the board fellows of “The Metropolitan Transportation Authority”. It is the biggest public transportation specialist in New York state. The former governor, George Pataki offered her this position.

Nancy Shevell

Caption: Nancy with her husband at an event (Source: Hello Magazine)

Net Worth 2023

She has an outstanding net worth and salary which she gets from her professional career as a businesswoman. As of now, the net worth of Nancy is around USD 200 million.

The primary source of Shevell’s income is her profession as a Vice-President of her family business, the “New England Motor Freight”.

Before this, she was earning some fortune being a board member of the “New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority”.

Currently, she has been living a happy life in a lavishing and big mansion with luxurious cars and facilities.

Nancy Shevell – Body Measurement

Regarding body measurement, she is always in a healthy state. She has a good height of 5 feet 10 inches or 182 cm or 1.82 m.

Likewise, Shevell has a suitable body weight of around 60 kg or 132 pounds. The body measurements of the businesswoman are 29 inches, 27 inches, and 34 inches.

She has a fair complexion with a pair of brown eyes and brown hair. Moreover, she wears a shoe size of 8 (US). It is for sure that Nancy has an appropriate daily routine that keeps her healthy and always active.

Social Media

Talking about Shelvell’s appearance on social media platforms, she has never been active there. She neither uses Instagram nor Twitter and also not Facebook.

Even though the businesswoman has never been active on any of the social media platforms, she is very popular there. There are several fan pages for Nancy and her husband, Paul McCartney.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the superstar, Nancy has been highly active on every social media platform.