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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Nabela Noor

Nabela Noor is a Muslim-American YouTube star. Nabela Noor is also the Founder and CEO of Zeba, a size-inclusive, self-love-focused movement, and clothing brand. Moreover, her mission is to challenge the sizing norms and beauty standards.

Early Life and Education

Nabela Noor came to this world on August 4, 1991. Her birthplace is New York, United States of America.

Her age is 32 years old as of 2024. Moreover, she moved from New York to Maryland, then to Pennsylvania.

Her parents had an arranged marriage when they were very young. Her two older brothers and older sister were born in Bangladesh.

Noor was still in her mother’s belly when the family moved to New York. She also has two younger sisters. Moreover, she took on learning Microsoft Paint and watching Bollywood movies.

Noor also wrote short stories during her spare time and eventually learned how to speak fluent Hindi.

Moreover, she graduated high school at the age of 16; she jumped from 10th grade to 12th grade. She then attended community college.

Eventually, she transferred from community college to Pennsylvania State University. Noor also attended a private college afterward and studied abroad in Mexico.

Nabela Noor

Caption: Nabela Noor clicking a photo with her siblings. Source: Instagram

Nabela Noor – Net Worth 2024

Noor earns a very good amount of money throughout her career. Her social media career is going smoothly and she is earning a lot at the moment.

However, she has an estimated net worth of around $6.35 million as of 2023.

Social Media

Nabela is famous on social media sites. Her Instagram account ‘@nabela’ has earned over 2.3 million followers.

She is also active on the Twitter account “@Nabela” with more than 50.8k followers. Similarly, her Facebook page has gathered over 608k followers.

Her self-titled YouTube channel has accumulated over 1.06 million subscribers. And the ‘Nabela and Seth’ YouTube channel has amassed over 66k subscribers.

Relationship Status

Nabela met her first love, Liam during her college days. After the relationship ended, she began watching YouTube videos. She got married to Seth Martin in August 2015.

A year later, they released the wedding video to YouTube titled “Nabela & Seth: Bengali + American Fusion Wedding”.

Nabela Noor

Caption: Nabela Noor clicking a selfie with her husband. Source: Instagram

Carer and Professional Life

Nabela Noor officially became a YouTuber on November 14, 2013. She got close with two fellow YouTubers, Andrea Brooks, and Alba Mayo. Her self-titled YouTube channel ‘Nabela Noor‘ has mustered more than 1.06 million subscribers to date.

Moreover, she and her husband have a collaboration channel ‘Nabela and Seth’. They created the channel on June 28, 2014.

Moreover, her most popular videos include “Nabela & Seth: Bengali + American Fusion Wedding” “100 LAYERS OF BINDIS?!?!”, “SOCIAL EXPERIMENT CHANGES HER LIFE | The Bright Fight”, and so on.


Noor launched her size-inclusive brand in June 2019. Her new label, Zeba, is distinguished by a unique sizing system that aims to encourage consumers to celebrate their bodies without conforming to traditional beauty standards.

Sizes have been replaced on Neba’s labels by words of affirmation – though, to be fair, each word does refer to a standard retail size. Therefore, the line is named after Noor’s mother.

Nabela Noor

Caption: Nabela Noor while making a YouTube video. Source: YouTube


She was a featured speaker at the 2019 CurvyCon event in New York City last weekend. It brought together fashion-loving women, brands, and influencers for three days of celebrating size diversity and body positivity.

Further, during a panel discussion, she spoke to the audience about how crucial it is to share her message with women who look like she does.

“Its tough enough being plus size, but when you’re a woman of color and plus size on top of that, there’s so many things all of us deal with being marginalized. So it’s been important to me to share my experiences”, she told the CurvyCon crowd.

She also said at CurvyCon:

“If someone sends me a hate comment telling me to go die, I say, ‘Why? I’m thriving, I’m living”,  “I encourage people to flip the script, and I want people to take whatever is going to drag them down and use that to lift them up. If someone says I look like a fat cow, I say ‘I love cows!'”

Noor collaborated with Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics in October 2019. It was launched on October 6, the E.L.F. x Nabela Noor collection is all about celebrating her heritage and individual beauty.

She has explained this on Instagram in a heartwarming post about the collaboration with the drugstore giant and what it ultimately means to her.

The collection itself includes four luxe-yet-affordable launches: the Beautifully You Brush Set, the Lip Cocktail Kit, the Gleaming Loose Highlighter, and The Complete Collection.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Nabela Noor revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19 in May 2020. Documenting her ordeal, she posted a selfie with a long note on her Instagram account. She wrote that she had been staying inside for 75 days.

She had stepped out only five times during the period and that too by following every precautionary measure.

“The 5 times I left the house I took every precaution including masks, social distancing, and handwashing”, she mentioned in the post. She posted about her condition on Instagram posted on May 27, 2020.

In July 2020, Noor spoke up for Bangladeshi RMG workers with the hashtag #Payup on Instagram. She also showed a list of brands that are involved and tagged those to let people know of their malpractices.

Bangladeshi garment workers are left starving during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic due to work order cancellations or suspensions and delays in shipment.

Noor made the urgent call on her verified Instagram page in a video message and drew the attention of all major brands to #Payup now.

She also urged her fans and followers to support her demand and share the information.

Nabela Noor

Caption: Nabela Noor updating about her situation. Source: Instagram

Nabela Noor – Body Measurements

Nabela is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 72 kilos. She has an amazing personality. She has not shared her other body stats with the public yet.

However, she is proud of her body as it is and does minor physical activities to remain healthy. Furthermore, she has a pair of dark brown eyes and black hair.