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Monica Pretelini


Monica Pretelini was the wife of Enrique Peña Nieto. Monica Pretelini’s husband Enrique is the former President of Mexico. Similarly, he died post-epileptic attack due to respiratory arrest on 11 January 2007.

Early Life and Childhood

Monica Pretelini was born on 29th November 1962 in Mexico City, Mexico. Her parents were named Hugo Pretelini Hernandez (Father) and Olga Saenz Jimenez (Mother).

She is of Mexican nationality. There are no specifics about her ethnic background. Talking about her education, there is no detailed information about her educational background.

Monica Pretelini – Death

The 45-year-old woman left us due to respiratory arrest on 11 January 2007. She died as a result of an epileptic episode.

Flashing back the sequence of events leading to the death, Peña who was at home at that time. She had said:

“I spoke with her when she went from the DF to the government house (Wednesday, January 10, 2007); As soon as I arrived, I went up to our room, went into the bathroom, prepared the next day’s clothes and when I approached the bed, Monica was in complete respiratory arrest.”

Similarly, her husband Enrique continued,

“She was transferred to the ABC Hospital in Santa Fe, where Dr. Paul Shkurovich confirmed that there was no longer any hope.”

According to Enrique, he went crazy and asked for help. The emergency department arrived and she was shifted to a hospital.

There the doctors managed to revive her. Unfortunately, her CT scan brain revealed that she was brain dead.

Personal Life

Talking about the relationship, Monica Pretelini began dating Enrique Peña Nieto after they met at an El Meson del Caballo Bayo restaurant.

At the time, she worked at the Colonos. Colonos was an association of the Tecamachalco whereas, Bayo was the treasurer of the party’s finance committee.

Mónica Pretelini

Caption: Mónica Pretelini with her family (Source: Quien)

However, after dating for eight months, the couple later married on 12th February 1994. Their wedding ceremony took place in the church of Santa Teresita.

They had three children together: Paulina, Alejandro, and Nicole.

Furthermore, they were together till her untimely death on 11th January 2007. She played a supporting role during the campaign for Peña Nieto’s governorship

Professional Life

Reflecting on her career, Monica Pretelini garnered media attention due to her relationships with the 57th President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto.

Besides this, she used to work as the President of the Association of Settlers of Tecamachalco. But after she got married, she used to support and assist him in his political campaigns.

Monica Pretelini – Net Worth 2024

Through this hard work, the late Monica Pretelini earned a net worth of $20 million as of 2023.


However, Pretelini was not involved in any controversies in her career. She lived a private life for most of her career. Additionally, after her death, several rumors were going on.

After her death, her husband confessed in the year 2012 that he had cheated on his wife. And even had two more children who were born out of wedlock.

He even had a son whose mother was Maritza Díaz Hernández and another child who died as an infant was born in his relationship with an undisclosed woman.

Mónica Pretelini

Caption: Enrique Peña Nieto’s second wife and family (Source: Latin Times)

While moving towards the other hand, her friends and family of Mónica claimed that she was a woman of character. She even assisted and supported her husband as well as his political career to the last.

Similarly, Monica Pretelini had even played a major supporting role during the campaign for Peña Nieto’s governorship.

The late Pretelini’s husband Pena had started a relationship with the soap opera actress Televisa Angélica Rivera whom he married on 27 November 2010.

The prominent actress, Televisa was earlier married to producer José Alberto Castro who is the brother of Verónica Castro.

Her previous married life with Jose started on 11 December 1994 and ended in the year 2008.

Between these years, the couple had three daughters namely Angélica Sofía (born 1996), Fernanda (born 1999), and Regina (born 2005).