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Updated On March 6, 2024
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Mel Metcalfe

Mel Metcalfe is an American producer and actor. Mel Metcalfe is known for Holiday on the Moon (1994), The Art of the Doll Maker (1999), and The Priestess (2007). He is also popular as the ex-husband of Portia de Rossi and as a filmmaker and sound engineer who worked on projects such as “Alladin”, “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”, and “The Lion King”.

Birth Facts

The specific date of Mel’s birthdate and birthplace is yet to come. When it comes to his ethnicity, he is Caucasian and has dark hair and brown eyes, which suit his complexion.

He hasn’t spoken about his education, nor has he shared any information about his early life and formative years.

Relationship Status

Mel married Portia de Rossi in 1996, but their marriage fell through and ended in divorce in 1999. He first met the Australian actress and model Portia De Rossi in 1996. The two fell for each other almost instantly, and they tied the knot before long.

After being with him for almost one year, her underlying fear about her sexuality surfaced. He started to have an affair with Renee Kappos, who was unfortunately married to Portia’s brother Michael Rogers.

Michael had tied the knot with his longtime partner, Renee. Then they two moved into a flat in the same complex where he and Portia were living. The family drama intensified when he decided to elope with Renee.

This incident was a harsh lesson for Portia, who then decided to accept her sexuality. She then started to date Francesca Gregorini after she had come to terms with her sexuality until she met her now-wife, host, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

Mel Metcalfe

Caption: Mel Metcalfe with his ex-wife (Source: Pinterest)

Career and Professional Life

Mel Metcalfe made his debut in the sound department in 1981 when he worked on “Fear No Evil” by Embassy Pictures as a re-recording mixer followed by working on “Isabel’s Choice”, “The Seduction: and “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”, all in 1982.

Having a lot on his plate in the upcoming years, Metcalfe was a member of the sound department for five episodes of “The Winds of War”, which follows the story of the trials of the Henry and Jastrow families during the early years of World War II.

Metcalfe then served as the re-recording mixer for “A Streetcar Named Desire”, starring Ann-Margret, Treat Williams, and Beverly D’Angelo in 1984. After that, he was a re-recording mixer for  “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, “The Rating Game”, and “Space” a mini-TV series.

When it comes to his most prominent projects in the ‘90s, including “Pretty Woman” starring Julia Robert and Richard Gere, which received a generally positive response from critics and the audience, cinematography.

The story revolves around a man who hires an escort for some social events, only to fall in love with her.

In the following year, Metcalfe worked on “Aladdin”, and he served as a re-recording mixer for “Hocus Pocus”.

Some of Mel Metcalfe’s most recent projects include “101 Dalmatians 2: Patch’s London Adventure”, “Mulan 2:  The Final War”, “The Princess and The Frog”, and “The Makeover”, with the latter being released in 2010.

To conclude, being a hardworking, talented, and dedicated man allowed him to gain more exposure in the media. 

Mel Metcalfe

Caption: Mel Metcalfe at an event (Source: Twitter)


Mel Metcalfe’s efforts were recognized and he was nominated for three Oscar awards for his work on “Beauty and the Beast”, “Alladin”, and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”.

In 1987 he won a Primetime Emmy Award for “The Jesse Owens Story” in the category of Outstanding Film Sound Mixing for a Limited Series or a Special. 

Mel Metcalfe – Net Worth 2024

According to authoritative sources, this sound engineer has a net worth of over $2 million as of 2022. This includes the wealth accumulated from Mel’s career and the previously mentioned field.

However, Metcalfe hasn’t spoken about his assets, such as vehicles and houses. However, he is seemingly able to take care of himself financially.


One of the reasons which led to the divorce was Portis’s homosexuality. As it turns out to be, she was a confined lesbian who was afraid to admit it. Initially, their relationship was part of a plan to get a green card for de Rossi to stay in the United States.

But she didn’t go through with it. In one interview in 2010, she revealed that during that time, she was scared of being exposed as a lesbian. Another reason for their inevitable divorce was his affair with Portia’s sister-in-law, with whom he later got together.

Mel Metcalfe – Social Media

Mel Metcalfe isn’t active on social media, which makes it harder for his fans to keep in touch with him. Despite being a public figure, he isn’t keen on sharing too much with the media. He prefers staying secretive on some topics, which also include his dating history and partner. 

Mel Metcalfe – Body Measurements

Coming to Mel’s body measurement, he has a fit figure and takes good care of his appearance. It also indicates that he puts time and effort into his looks. People praise him for his fashion style – he often wears elegant suits.

Furthermore, he has dark hair and brown eyes, which suit his complexion.