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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Matt Stokoe

Matt Stokoe is a famous actor, writer, and director from the United Kingdom. Matt Stokoe gained popularity for his role as Alex in the British television series “Misfits” which aired from 2009 to 2013.

Early Life and Childhood

Actor Matt was born on January 13, 1989, in Durham, England, United Kingdom. He is 35 years old and his real name is Matthew Joseph Stokoe, and his nickname is Matt Stokoe.

Information regarding his family is not publicly available as he keeps his personal life private. He has not disclosed any details about his family background or siblings in any interviews or public statements. As a public figure, he is entitled to his privacy, and it is important to respect his boundaries.

Unfortunately, there is limited public information available about Stokoe’s childhood, and he has not publicly shared much about his childhood beyond his entertainment career. According to research, he is British by nationality, his zodiac sign is Capricorn, his religion is Christian and his ethnicity is secret.

Matt Stokoe – Education

Matt Stokoe attended the Durham Sixth Form Centre, which is a sixth-form college in Durham, England. He went on to study Drama at the University of Manchester. This is a well-regarded university in the UK with a strong focus on the arts. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Drama.

After graduating from university, Matt Stokoe went on to pursue a career in acting. His education played an important role in shaping his career as an actor, providing him with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Career and Professional Life

Matt is a British actor, writer, and director and he began his career as an actor in 2010. When he landed a role in the British television drama, “Misfits.” He played the character Alex, a boy with the power of telekinesis, for three episodes. Then he went on to star in various television shows, including “The Village,” “Black Mirror,” “The Musketeers,” and “Jamestown.”


In 2015, he made his stage debut in the play “Collective Rage: A Play in Five Betties,” performed at the Southwark Playhouse in London. In 2017, he starred in the critically acclaimed play “Yen” at the Royal Court Theatre in London. He received high praise for his portrayal of the character, Hench, in the production.

In 2018, he made his feature film debut in the thriller “The Guilty.” He played the character of Simon, a man who becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a kidnapper. Also, he wrote and directed his first short film, “The Red Bike,” which premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London.

In 2019, he landed a leading role in the Netflix series “The OA” as the character of Homer Roberts. The show, created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, received critical acclaim for its inventive storytelling and visual style.

In 2020, he starred in the British crime drama series “Cursed” as Gawain. He also wrote and directed his second short film, “Meat Me in Plainville,” which premiered at the London Short Film Festival.

His most recent project is the British horror-comedy series “Siblings” which he wrote, directed, and starred in. The show premiered in 2022 and follows the story of a brother and sister who are forced to confront their dark family secrets when they inherit a creepy old mansion.

Throughout his career, he demonstrated his range as an actor, moving effortlessly between series and movies. He showed a talent for portraying complex and nuanced characters. With his impressive body of work and growing popularity, it is clear that Stokoe is a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Matt Stokoe during his shoot (Source Pinterest)

Caption: Matt Stokoe during his shoot (Source Pinterest)

Brand Endorsements

He has not been very active in brand endorsements. While well-known for his work in various film and television productions, not yet endorsed many commercials or sponsorships. As his career continues to grow and he becomes more well-known, he may receive offers for brand partnerships or endorsements.

However, as of now, there is limited public information about any brand endorsement deals he may have participated in. If we get any information it will be updated here.

Awards and Nomination

Matt has not yet won any major awards for his work in the entertainment industry. However, he has received honors for his performances in various television shows and stage productions. His performance in the play “Yen” at the Royal Court Theatre in London gained recognition from critics. The play won the 2016 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, which recognizes outstanding plays written by women and includes a monetary award.

Although he did not win the award personally, his performance was an important part of the production’s success. His work as a writer and director gained honor, with his short film “The Red Bike” premiering at the Raindance Film Festival in London. His second short film “Meat Me in Plainville” premiered at the London Short Film Festival.

Net Worth 2024

The estimated value of his net worth is $6 million and his monthly, weekly, and yearly salaries are unknown. He earned his net worth primarily through his successful career as an actor, appearing in a variety of films, television series, and stage productions, writer, and director.

Additionally, the entertainment industry can be unpredictable, and an actor’s net worth can fluctuate significantly over time depending on their success and the demand for their work.

Matt Stokoe with his car (Source Chronicle Live)

Caption: Matt Stokoe with his car (Source Chronicle Live)

Relationship Status

Matt Stokoe is in a relationship with actress Sophie Rundle. The couple got engaged in April 2019 and welcomed their first child together in 2020. They have been seen together at various public events and have occasionally shared pictures of each other on their social media accounts.

However, they generally keep their relationship private and do not speak about it in the media. Like many celebrities, he may prefer to keep his personal life separate from his public persona.

Matt Stokoe with his fiance (Source Daily Mail)

Caption: Matt Stokoe with his fiance (Source Daily Mail)


There is no information or evidence of any scandal or controversy surrounding him throughout his career. He tends to keep a low profile in his personal life and has not been involved in any publicized incidents or controversies that would cause scandal.

Matt Stokoe is known for his professionalism and dedication to his craft, and his reputation in the entertainment industry is generally favorable. He continues to be a respected and accomplished actor, with a strong body of work in film, television, and stage productions.

Matt Stokoe – Body Measurements

His actual height is 6 feet 1 inch and his weight is 77 kg. According to his images, his hair color is dark brown, wavy, and silky. His eyes are also attractive and brown, and brown eyes are a rare eye color.

His exact body measurement is unknown inches and has a great personality with a perfectly shaped body. Matt Stokoe is concerned about his body but takes a proper diet including proteinate foods and vegetables, and has clear skin.

Social Media

Matt Stokoe did not have any official social media accounts. This means that he did not have a verified presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platforms. He generally kept a low profile in the media.

And prefers to focus on his work as an actor, writer, and director. It’s important to note that not all public figures choose to have social media accounts, and it’s their personal decision whether or not to engage with their fans or followers in that way.