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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Martin Cabello

Martin Cabello is an American philosopher, conspiracy theorist, fitness enthusiast, performer, TikTok star, YouTuber, and Vlogger. Martin Cabello is best known for posting videos on fitness, military, mental health, and Quantum Physics.

Early Life

Martin Cabello was born in the USA on 29 November 1977. Presently, he is 44 years old and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His nationality is American and he is of Hispanic ethnicity. Moreover, he follows Christianity. Sadly, he is not on good terms with his family.

There is not much information about his early life and childhood. But, there is a record of a court case involving him and his mother. However, he rarely talks about his family. There are no details available for his educational background.

Martin states that he was part of the US military. And, if a person has to qualify for the military then he/she has to be a High School graduate and have to score minimum in the ASVAB test. Moreover, he has a pet dog named Sofia. Currently, he lives at 113th Avenue Ct. E, Puyallup, Washington, USA.

Martin Cabello Out Of Context

Caption: Martin clicking a selfie with his pet dog. Source: Instagram


Martin began his journey in the year 2016. Initially, he joined Twitter in May of 2014. Then, he expanded to Instagram in April of 2016 and began sharing more photos from his life. He is famous for his ‘Helly Hansen’ speech. It was originally posted on Instagram on November 5, 2019. And, it has since become a meme and he regularly reposts videos of people singing and performing different versions of his original ‘Helly Hansen’ speech.

Therefore, his speech has become a tongue twister of some kind. And, his ‘Helly Hansen Speech’ actually talked about the Holy Grail, Electromagnetic radiation, Time, and more. Besides this, he talks about Quantum Physics, his trust in God, and religion. Also, he is seen talking about a friend named Josh Powell.

Martin sometimes refers to him as his brother. He often says that his friend blew himself and his kids. Therefore, his viewers are divided between true cult followers and people who watch him so that they can roast him. Further, he has posted various videos while eating raw seafood, insects, amphibians, etc.

He is also famous for his cooking tutorial videos which he also shares through his Instagram. Moreover, he has set up a GoFundMe, Cameo, and PayPal link so that his followers can donate money to him. Therefore, he says that due to Autism, it’s hard for them to get a regular job.

Martin Cabello Out Of Context

Caption: Martin Cabello Out Of Context in one of his Instagram videos. Source: Instagram

Conspiracy Theories

There are many conspiracy theories involving Cabello. One of them is that he believes that “Every publicity is good publicity”. Hence, he acts like this to get more popular. The next one is that he works as a promotional agent for ‘Genetic Protocol’ a protein supplement. The product was launched by Dr. Courtney Hunt.

Also, she was his doctor for dealing with Autism. Although haters have many theories, none of them are concrete. He has legally proved that he is autistic but can not cause harm to anyone.

Health issues

Martin used to be obese in his earlier years. However, he followed an intense workout and changed his normal diet to a high-protein diet. Moreover, he regularly posts videos while taking his daily dose of Vitamins with at least 15-20 raw eggs.

Martin is diagnosed with Autism for which he receives treatment. He has talked about his meltdowns. Therefore, a meltdown is an extreme reaction to stressful circumstances and, a total lack of behavioral function. Also, people with autism experience trouble communicating whether they are feeling excessively stressed or overwhelmed. That leads to an unintentional coping mechanism, a breakdown.

Personal Life

Martin is a happily married man. Therefore, his wife’s name is Heather Cabello. He admitted that he met his wife when he was in the Air Force. Also, he claimed that Heather took care of him when he was having a meltdown. And, the first move was for Heather by kissing him first. However, the duo seems to be deeply in love with each other.

There is much speculation that his wife is also suffering from Autism. Although they aren’t harmful to each other. However, Martin loves her wife and he tries every possible way to keep her happy. They do not have kids yet.

Martin Cabello Out Of Context

Caption: Martin Cabello and his wife’s picture. Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

Martin Cabello is 5 feet 8 inches tall and his weight is around 65 kilos. His chest-waist-hip measurements are 44-32-38 inches respectively. He has a dark brown pair of eyes and brown hair. He is a fitness freak and has rock-hard abs. Therefore, he maintains his body physically fit. Moreover, he wears a shoe size of 8.5 (US) and his biceps size is 23 inches. He has not had multiple tattoos on both arms and hands.

Martin Cabello – Social Media 2022

His ‘@ti_me_to_mass_so_i_exist’ Instagram page has earned over 495K followers. His ‘Martin Cabello III’ YouTube channel has gained over 15.5K subscribers. Similarly, he has gathered over 26.2K followers on Twitter. He goes under the username ‘@martincabello7’ on his TikTok. There, she has gained more than 1.2 million followers and more than 22.6 million likes.

Martin Cabello – Net Worth 2023

Being a successful social media star, Martin Cabello is sure to earn a good amount of money. Therefore, his net worth as of 2021 is $1.5 million.

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