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Porto, Portugal

Mariana Monteiro

Mariana Monteiro is a famous actress, model, and writer from Portugal. Mariana Monteiro gained popularity through her roles in “Morangos com Açúcar”, “Doce Tentação”, and  “Doce Fugitiva”.

Early Life and Childhood

Model Mariana was born on 17 November 1988, in Porto, Portugal.  Currently, she is 35 years old. Her real name is Mariana Monteiro and her nickname is unknown.

There is no information available about her parents and siblings and there are no details about them on any websites. However, her family supports and encourages her to achieve her career goals. Thanks to her family’s support, she become one of the most successful individuals in her field at present.

Unfortunately, limited public information is available about Monteiro’s childhood. Aside from her successful career in acting, limited information is available regarding her early years. According to research, she is Portuguese by nationality, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. However, her religion is Christianity and her ethnicity is unknown.

Mariana Monteiro – Education

Her educational background is not widely available on any websites. Therefore, specific details about her educational journey, such as her academic qualifications or the institutions attended, are not known.

Her relationships with teachers, friends, and academic pursuits are not widely known or publicly discussed. If she shares more information about her education in the future, we’ll update it here.

Net Worth 2024

Her net worth is valued at approximately $5 million, and her earnings on a monthly, weekly, or yearly basis are unknown. Her accumulated wealth is derived from her successful career as a model, actress, and writer.

Additionally, the value of her net worth may change over time and can be affected by various factors that depend on the level of success she attains and the demand for her work.

Mariana Monteiro in her car (Source Move Noticias)

Caption: Mariana Monteiro in her car (Source Move Noticias)

Career and Professional Life

Mariana, a Portuguese actress, model, and writer, has had a diverse and successful career in the entertainment industry. She embarked on her professional journey at a young age and quickly made a name for herself in the Portuguese television landscape.

At the age of 16, in 2005, she moved to Lisbon, where she began her acting career in the popular Portuguese television series “Morangos com Açúcar.” This teen drama, which aired from 2003 to 2012 on TVI, a Portuguese TV station, gained popularity. Her portrayal of a young and aspiring actress in the show not only showcased her talent but also captured the hearts of audiences across the country.

Following her success in “Morangos com Açúcar,” she became a TVI actress, solidifying her position as one of the industry’s rising stars. In 2006, she appeared in “Doce Fugitiva,” a romantic drama series, and in 2007, she starred in “Fascínios,” a soap opera that further established her presence in the industry.

In 2014, she made a significant career move by joining RTP, where she co-hosted the second edition of “The Voice Portugal,” a highly acclaimed singing competition show. This opportunity allowed her to showcase her versatility as a television personality and expand her presence beyond acting.

Throughout her career, she has also ventured into modeling and has been associated with several advertising campaigns. Notably, she gained recognition for her appearances in advertisements for the Portuguese insurance company Tranquilidade, further cementing her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment and advertising industries.

Mariana Monteiro during her shoot (Source IMDb)

Caption: Mariana Monteiro during her shoot (Source IMDb)

Brand Endorsements

She has not been very active in brand endorsements. Mariana is well-known for her work as a model, actress, and writer. She may receive offers for brand partnerships and acceptance in the future.

However, there is limited public information about any brand endorsement deals she has participated in. If we get any information it will be updated here.

Mariana Monteiro – Awards and Nomination

Mariana has not won any significant individual awards in her professional career, but there is a possibility that she could receive recognition in the future for her dedication and talent in her craft.

It’s important to note that awards are just one measure of success, and many talented people may not receive awards but still make significant contributions to their field.

Relationship Status

Mariana was in a relationship with João Mota, the winner of the 2nd edition of the Portuguese reality show “Casa dos Segredos.” They began dating in 2012 but ended their relationship in 2019.

Like many celebrities, she may prefer to keep her personal life separate from his public persona and focus on her career as a model, writer, and actress, rather than pursuing a romantic relationship at this time.


She has a clean record in her career without any notable scandals. She maintains a private personal life and focuses on her career, prioritizing her work rather than seeking media attention or engaging in controversies or scandals.

Overall, she maintained a positive reputation in her career, known for her talent and professionalism. She gained a strong reputation for her skilled and competent in her work.

Body Measurements

Mariana Monteiro is 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs 51 kg. She has naturally black silky hair that complements her attractive features, especially her black eyes. Interestingly, black eyes are considered a least rare eye color.

Although her exact body measurements are unknown, she takes great care of her body and has a perfectly toned physique, which reflects her healthy lifestyle. She follows a well-balanced diet that includes protein-rich foods and vegetables to maintain her physique.

Mariana Monteiro posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Caption: Mariana Monteiro posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Social Media

Mariana Monteiro is active on social media and has a significant following on her official accounts. On Instagram, she has 652K followers and has followed 1767 people as well as posted 1204 posts with the username “maryyy_monteiro“.

She is active on Facebook where she has 835K followers and we found fan base accounts that will be helpful who are curious to know about her. We didn’t find her official Twitter account.