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Updated On March 7, 2024
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Lily Peters


Lily Peters was a 10-year-old American girl who was killed and raped in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Lily Peters used to attend Parkview Elementary School.

Who is Lily Peters?

Lily Peters’ full name was Iliana “Lily” Peters. Her mother’s name is Jennifer Eyerly Lily and her father’s name is Alexander Peters. Her mother has been convicted in several cases of theft and her father has many sentences for many drug and alcohol crimes.

She was a class 4 student at Parkview Elementary School. Moreover, she lived in block 50 of East Birch Street. This girl was a 10-year-old girl who went missing on April 24.

But later on April 25, the news is received that Lily has been a victim of sexual assault and has been strangled to death. Moreover, her body was found in the woodland near the footpath in Chippewa Falls.

Lily Peters

Caption: Lily’s picture. Source: The Sun

What happened?

On April 24, 2022, Lily Peters was killed and raped in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. And, the killing gained significant attention and media coverage due to the ages of both the victim and the suspect. Likewise, on April 26, 2022, her cousin, 14-year-old Carson Peters-Berger was arrested on charges of murder and rape.

Berger was originally publicly identified only by his initials “CPB”. Carson is being tried as an adult due to the murder charge. According to the criminal complaint, Carson asked his cousin, Lily to take a walk and explore a trail. And, Lily took her bike and Carson took his hoverboard. Then, once they were off the trail, it was alleged that Carson punched Lily in the stomach and pushed her to the ground.

And, he hit her in the head 3 times with a large stick and strangled her until she was dead. Then, Carson allegedly raped Lily’s dead body. Moreover, the criminal complaint alleged that Carson then became scared and fled, went home where he showered and cleaned his clothes. Then, he went back to the scene dragged Lily’s body a few feet, and covered her body with leaves.

Lily Peters

Caption: Lily Peters’ photo. Source: New York Post


Lily was reported missing by her father and her body was discovered the following day at 8:54 am. Therefore, two days after Lily’s killing, Carson was arrested and charged with the murder and rape of Lily. As per authorities, Carson confessed to killing Lily and that it was his plan the entire time to kill and rape her.

Moreover, the case is being treated as an adult case rather than a juvenile case due to Carson’s murder charge. His bail was set at $1 million. Further, if convicted, he would face a sentence of life in prison. His father, Adam Berger, had served 3 years in jail for possession of child pornography.

Lily Peters

Caption: Chippewa Falls community showing support for Lily. Source: WDIO

Lily Peters – Body Measurements

This 10-year-old Lily’s body measurements are not provided. Therefore, she had a fine and slim body figure. However, she had a set of brown eyes and blonde hair.

Lily Peters – Social Media

At the time of her death, this kid was not active on any social media platforms. Therefore, Lily Peters was just a normal kid who focused on her studies.