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2 September 1962, UK
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2 September 1962, UK

Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer is a renowned British Politician and the former Leader of the Labour Party of the United Kingdom. Keir Starmer has been a former Lawyer and a member of Parliament for Holborn and St Pancras since 2015.

Early Life

Keir Starmer was born on 2 September 1962 (age 61 years) in London, United Kingdom. He grew up in the small town of Oxted in Surrey to his parents Rod Starmer and Josephine Baker. His father is a toolmaker and his mother is a nurse. He was the second child of four children and his name was kept after the first parliamentary leader Keir Hardie.

His mother had a still’s Disease a rare systemic anti-inflammatory disease. Further, his parents were strong supporters of the Labour Party. Likewise, he belongs to British Nationality and of Causation Ethnicity. Similarly, his zodiac sign is Virgo and his sexual orientation is straight. He follows Christianity.


He passed his 11-plus grammar examination and gained entry to Reigate Grammar School, which later turned into an Independent Fee Paying school in 1976. Among his classmates some were musicians like Norman Cook, Starmer played Voilen alongside, Andrew Cooper who became a Conservative peer, and Andrew Sullivan into Journalism.

He was a very political child and has had an interest in politics and leaders from the beginning of his career. At the age of 18, he was a junior exhibitor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and played flute, Piano, and Violin.

Keir Starmer

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More information

After completing his schooling he went on to study Law at the University of Leeds. He graduated with a first-class degree in Bachelor in 1985 the first member in his family to graduate in Law. Furthermore, he completed his postgraduation from St Edmund Hall, Oxford as a Bachelor of Civil Law(BCL) in 1986. In Addition, he edited the magazine Socialist Alternatives a small column in UK Magazine.

keir Starmer – Professional Career

Primarily, Keir Starmer started his career as a Lawyer. He became a barrister in 1987, Bencher in 209, and served for Liberty Group till 1990. He is a genuine person and was also a member of the Doughty Street Chamber working for human rights since 1990. Likewise, he was called to different Caribbean countries to solve the death penalty cases as well as worked for Helen Steel and David Morris.

Also, he was appointed Queens Counsel; one of the court advisors in commonwealth countries at the age of 39 in the year 2002 9 April. Similarly, he was the human rights advisor and served the Ireland Police Board, Association of Chief Police Officers, and death advisory panel being a member of the Foreign Office from 2002 to 2008. Being a potent advisor he became a key advisor to Northern Ireland and marched for legal opinions against the Iraq War.

Law Career

Achieving huge success in the field he was named as the Head Of The Crown Prosecution Service(CPS) and Director Of Public Prosecutions. He was named by Attorney General Baroness Scotland Of Asthal in July 2008 taking over the position of Ken McDonald. After his few months in the office, he went against the decision of not prosecuting the officer who killed Jean-Charles de Menezes in the high court. Further, keir defended the conservative party in 2009 which was repealing the Human Rights Act.

In this situation, Libert and Liberal Democrats came in full support while the MP of the conservative party David T.C Davies was against him. With these accusations on laid, he took charge of the situation and prosecuted three Labour MPs and Conservative peers in February 2010. It was done under the United Kingdom Parliamentary Expenses Scandal and all of them were found Guilty.

After that, he involves in different cases regarding the death of Ian Tomlinson and the rape case of women. He also acts against the wrongful jailing of Cardiff Three in the Murder of Lynette White and Justice of Nigel Sweeney. Likewise, keir solved the case of the 2011 Riots and brought them under control.

He filed the case against Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and his wife Vicky Pryce for preventing and disturbing the Court of Justice. Chris Huhne became the first cabinet minister to Regine for his criminal act. Later Journalist Nick Cohen wrote an allegation considering the Prosecution of Paul Chamber. Later the court dismisses the allegation in support of Starmer. Despite his popularity and fame, he has not received any brand endorsement deals as of now. However, it is possible that shortly, he might start to endorse brands.

More Details

He published a plan for the criminal injustice of Female Genital Mutilation and prosecuted the case for offensive social media posts and users. Moreover, he also compiled for the proper investigation of sexual abuse cases and dug into the Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse case. Further, he also reviews the historical complaints and studies showing cases of false sexual accusations and Domestic Abuse.

In addition, he left the office in November 2013 but would lead the inquiry and change of law against Victims of rape cases and child abuse. He was replaced by Alison Saunder and there was strong speculation that he would further stand as the Candidate for the Labour Party.

Starting of Political Career

After resigning from the office he stood for the Candidate of Labour Party and was selected for the Safe Labour Constituency of Holborn and St Pancras in The Parliament in December 2014.  He was elected at the 2015 general Election with 17048 votes and he was also urged by many activists to stand for the Leader of the Labour Party.

But due to a lack of inexperience in the political party, he couldn’t rule out. Following the election, he supported Andy Burnham next to Jeremy Corbyn. Then Corbyn appointed him to shadow the Home Office ministerial team as shadow minister for Immigration.

Further Details

This was the post he resigned in 2016 along with other labor MPs at Corbyn’s Leadership. But after the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn, he accepted the position of Shadow Brexit Secretary by replacing Emily Thornberry. During his period as Shadow Brexit Secretary, he questioned the government concerning the UK Outside the European Union and appealed the plan to make it public. It was approved by Prime Minister Theresa May in December 2016 and considered a victory. He raised a campaign suggesting public votes to the Labour Conference in Liverpool.

Keir Starmer

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More Details

After his strong recommendation and protest for the EU Free Movement rule, he changed it with negotiation and suggested that there must be some change to Freedom in 2016. Later in May 2017, he considered it important for the free movement of Labour for Immigration for the UK’s economy. Similarly, in the year 2020, there was a strong report concluding the second referendum policy was a major contributor act for the party’s Defect.

Leadership and Election

After the huge defeat of Jeremy Corbyn at the 2019 general election, he announced that he would stand for the Lader of the Labour Party. Following the lead Krein Starmer also stood for the election on 4 January 2020 along with Rebecca Long Baily and Lisa Nandy. He was winning multiple endorsements from MPs and trade Unison as well. During the election, a huge buzz was created when there was an allegation that a streamer revealed the details of Campain Doners.

After a long hardship, he won the election with 56.2% of the vote on 4 April 2020 against Lisa Nandy and Long-Bailey. After he won the election he was active during the pandemic Covid-19. He suggested the government for a roadmap following the economy of the country.

Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer during his speech as a Leader of the Labour Party (Source: Women and

Likewise he also convenience Johnson for reopening the school. Later Stramer raised a strong voice during his first conference as a leader on 22 September 2020. He laid allegations on the government for improper handling during the pandemic and also questioned Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his Jab.

He also suggested the government for bringing the Circuit-breaker Lockdown for at least two weeks to reduce the impact of the pandemic in October 2020. After that, he was criticized for not challenging the White Nationalist Great Replacement made by a caller during Nick Ferrari’s talk show on station LBC.

Further Details

He leads the Labour Political party in the year 2021 with the Leaders including Angela Rayner, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford, Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar, and Tracy Brabin. He was also backlashed in failure to retain Hartlepool. Considering his political positions he acts like a socialist tackling injustice and supports social ownership. Also, others including the National Health Service(NHS), advocate an illegal war and review UK arms exports.

Following that he also lands his strong opinion on being an anti-trump. So, he believes in building an optimistic relationship with Joe Biden(Current President). He is a very decent person with strong opinions on security, prosperity, and respect. A political career comes with controversies and scandals. With regard, we are much more focused on his contributions rather than his allegations and controversies.

More updates about him

He is a very good author and has written and edited many books on criminal law and human rights. Some of these include Justice in Error(1993) The Three Pillars of Liberty(1996), Signing Up, or Human Rights (1998). In addition, others include Miscarriage of Justice(1999), European Human Rights Law(1999), Criminal Justice, police powers, and human rights(2001). Blackston’s human rights digest(2001) and A report on the policing of the Ardoyne parade 12 July 2004.

Awards and Nominations

He was a brilliant student of Law with many awards in his name. Likewise, he has received a Doctor of University(D.U), and Doctor of Laws(LL.D)from different universities. Similarly, he has received  Queens Council in 2002.  Likewise, he received the bar council’s Sydney Elland Goldsmith Award in the year 2005 for his pro bono contribution. He became an Honorary Fellow of St. Edmund Hall in 2012. Moreover, he was appointed night commander of the Order of the Bath(KCB) in 2014. Further, he was sworn to the privy council of the United Kingdom on 19 July 2017 with The Right Honourable.

Keir Starmer

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keir Starmer – Net Worth 2024

Talking about his net worth Keir Starmer has earned a whooping net worth of £1.8 million ($2,554,200). This includes his worth from his career as a lawyer and a political leader. He is living a lavish lifestyle with a modest fortune.

keir Starmer – Relationship Status

Keir Starmer married Victoria Alexander( longtime partner) in 2007. Victoria is working at an NHS Occupational Health currently. Previously she was a solicitor. They are living together and have 2 children; one son and one daughter. Their names and details are under wraps as of now.

Keir Starmer

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Body Measurements

Keir Starmer is a tall British guy with 5 feet 8-inch height. He weighs about 73 kg with body measurements of 41-34-18 inches(chest waist and biceps). Moreover, he has gray hair color with green color eyes. He uses 9 number shoe sizes according to the US.

Social Media

Looking towards his social media he is not much of a social media person. But he is very active on Twitter with around 1.1M Followers. Likewise, he has around 174k followers and many followers on Facebook. Besides that, he is not active on other social media.