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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Jonathan Abreu Sosa

Jonathan Abreu Sosa is a Dominican-American Instagram and YouTube star. Jonathan Abreu Sosa’s Instagram account ‘Pioladitingancia’ has amassed more than 3.6M followers and also owns the Pioladitingancia Abreu channel on YouTube.

Early Life

Jonathan Abreu Sosa aka Pio La Dintingancia was born on October 5, 1993. The 30 years old, Abreu was born to American parents in the Dominican Republic, but his parent’s details haven’t been disclosed.
But, in 2017, he shared his mother’s picture 2017, addressed as his mamuchula.

By nationality, he is American and Dominican-American by ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Libra. He is considered a single child of his parents.

He has kept his details secret so far. With all love and care, he is raised by her mother single-handedly.

Jonathan Abreu Sosa

Caption: Childhood Photo of Jonathan Abreu Sosa, Source: Instagram

His mother has fulfilled his every wish. It can be assumed that the affection from her mother has been the reason for his soaring success.

He is more career-focused rather than on his education and until now we don’t have definite details of his education.

Despite his age, he has a child-like appearance because of his medical condition, ‘Growth Hormone Deficiency.’ He might be a dwarf, but his confidence and his career haven’t been stopped from growing.

Jonathan Abreu Sosa – Net Worth 2024

His income ranges from approximately $4k-$7k from his Instagram posts including sponsorship, merchandise, and endorsements.

As a host of BET Network’s Bet Excess season 2, he earns an average salary of $80k. Altogether, his net worth is $2 million as of March 2023.

Social Media

He uses Instagram the most, it has followers of more than 3.5 million. It seems that he has just started to use Facebook as his followers are more than 4,000 in number.
He probably doesn’t own a Twitter account, but he gets lots of tweets by his name.

Relationships Status

Jonathan Abreu Sosa’s videos with lots of girls confuse us about who his girlfriend is. He has been keeping his love life private.
Abreu Sosa has been maintaining a good image in public without engaging in any rumors.
As per the other sources, there was a rumor that he is dating one of his co-stars, Sarodj Bertin, famous as a beauty pageant contestant.

Career and Professional Life

The social media star posted his first-ever Instagram post with baseball player Miguel Sano. Since then, he has got an enormous fan following.
His videos on Instagram have the least views at 127k. Likewise, his Instagram account ‘@pioladitingancia‘ has collected over 3.6 million followers to date. Another popular platform on which he is active is YouTube.

He has been flaunting his expensive cars and gold chains. Jonathan’s videos consist of girls. He has more than 74k subscribers on his channel ‘Pio La Ditingancia’.

He has been living his lavish life and is featuring his lifestyle on YouTube.

His YouTube channel includes videos like Pioladitingancia I am not baby, Pio en kille, Pio speaks about His English !!, and so on with 37k likes.

Jonathan Abreu Sosa

Caption: Jonathan Abreu Sosa with @Stickypromo, Source: Instagram

After 2018

His video, Pio – Chuchi ( Video Oficial ) uploaded on Sep 9, 2018, has almost 1.2M views. He is the host of BET Network’s Bet Excess season 2. Pio had tried ’24k Gold Chicken’, ’24k Gold Pizza’, and many other expensive outlets.

In one of the videos, ‘Pio Tries An $8,000 NYC Cognac But Must Prove He’s Not A Baby First!’, he is desperately asking for Cognac.

In ‘Trabajo Sucio’, he played the role of Napoleón. Directed by David Pagan Mariñez, it is in the comedy genre in which employees of a mansion, tired of humiliation and mistreatment, discover a hidden pile of money.

In 2019, he has starred in ‘I Got Hooked Up 2’. Pio played the role of  ‘Yiyo’ in ‘La Maravilla’.Though the release date of ‘Malos Padres’ is unknown, he is going to be cast as ‘Lito’. Lots of success is coming his way because of his positivity and inspirational spirit.

Likewise, he is currently the star of the BET docu-series Exce$$ – where Pio is seen partaking in several lavish activities.

Health Issues

People are curious about his appearance. He is very small for his age and many mistake him for a spoiled child, when in fact he is an adult already.

Looking at his health condition, Abreu Sosa has a medical condition called ‘Growth Hormone Deficiency’, which means that his body couldn’t produce enough hormones for his physical growth.

Similarly, the other common word for this medical condition is ‘Dwarfism’. People with this medical condition are too small for their age.

Nevertheless, Abreu Sosa is very confident despite his physical appearance and hence he creates very confident and fun videos featuring his money, and chains, and shoots these videos surrounded by girls.


He hasn’t received any awards to date, but he has a massive fan following like any other celebrity with lots of achievements and awards.

It is quite obvious to say that being a social media star his main sources of income are his Instagram account and his Youtube channel.

Jonathan Abreu Sosa – Body Measurements

Talking about his body measurements, his height is 4 feet and 8 inches. Jonathan Abreu Sosa seems to have an average weight.

But, his actual weight is unknown to us. Likewise, his exact body measurements are not available. Abreu Sosa has black eyes and black curly hair.

Jonathan Abreu Sosa

Caption: Jonathan Abreu Sosa posing for a photo, Source: Instagram