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Updated On June 3, 2024
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JeromeASF is an American YouTuber known for his gaming content. JeromeASF’s YouTube channel, ‘JeromeASF’ has 5.21M subscribers to date. He co-owns other several gaming channels such as ‘Awesomesaucefilms’ and ‘The Pack’

Early Life and Education

JeromeASF was born Jerome Robert Aceti. His birth date is March 9, 1994. As of now, Jerome has turned 29 years old. He is originally from Jersey, United States of America.

He has remained quite confidential about his parents’ details. Thus, we don’t know who his parents are and what they do for a living.

Regarding his other details, he is an American by nationality and White Caucasian by ethnicity. Successful YouTube star, JemoreASF has a birth sign of Pisces.

There is no information about her regarding her religion. He is adopted and has one older sister. However, his sister’s identity has not been revealed.

JeromeASF moved with his mom to Florida after living in New Jersey. He has a sister whose name is unknown.

Not much is known about his childhood, as he is himself a gamer and developer of games. He might be fond of gaming from an early age.

Moreover, he has got the nickname, Fluffy as he has ‘Minecraft’ skin that resembles ‘Chewbacca’ of ‘Star Wars.’

Regarding his educational background, he has not disclosed anything yet. Thus, we have no idea which school and college he did attend.


Caption: Jerome on his childhood photo (Source: Instagram)

Social Media

Jerome is very active in social media. He is a verified user of Instagram with 983K followers with the username, @jeromeaceti.His Twitter account, @JeromeASF has 852.4K.

Likewise, he has 310k followers on his Facebook handle, @JeromeASF. Furthermore, his YouTube channel, JeromeASF has 5.21M subscribers.

Relationship Status

Now, Jerome is romantically involved with Erica a.k.a @epatronx. The couple is living a blissful life in the company of each other. They have been sharing pictures on both of their Instagram handles.

Jerome’s love life had been quite awful. He dated fellow Youtuber Jasmine. Unfortunately, their love life couldn’t be sustained.

Eventually, they parted ways. After that, he started getting involved with Louise. This relationship also couldn’t work well. They broke up within a short period.


Caption: Erica and Jerome together, Source: Instagram



















Career and Professional Life

Jerome joined Youtube on the 11th of June, 2011. He started his YouTube channel to entertain and have fun.

His content is full of Minecraft, Fortnite, and other gaming. His YouTube channel, Jerome has garnered 5.21M  subscribers to date.

‘Minecraft – BIG BOY ADVENTURE Episode 1’ is the first-ever video. 8 years ago, it was uploaded on August 17, 2011.

It has amassed pretty well viewers counting more than 390k until now. Similarly, Minecraft – BIG BOY ADVENTURE Episode 2 | JeromeASF and Minecraft – BIG BOY ADVENTURE Episode 3 are other videos uploaded 8 years ago. Both videos have crossed thousands of views.

 Furthermore,’ How To Build A House With Jerome Minecraft Cops and Robbers w/ SkyDoesMinecraft and Friends!’ has more than 8.1Mvviews making it the most popular video until now.

Similarly, Minecraft SPONGEBOB Modded Cops and Robbers | JeromeASF and Realistic TSUNAMI In Minecraft | Minecraft – Mod Battle Challenge | JeromeASF have crossed 6M views.

Unfolding more about his channel, ‘Bloons TD 6 – 4-Player Glacier Challenge | JeromeASF’ is the newest video uploaded on March 12, 2020.

It already has assembled 88k views. Likewise, – 4-Player (DOOM Ball) Spiky Ball.Io Game | JeromeASFand Bloons TD 6 – 4-Player Friend Revenge Challenge | Jerome are the videos that have been uploaded in March 2020. These are the videos that fall under the newest video to name a few.


Caption: Jerome in Minecraft Target event, Source: Instagram

Other channels and collaborations

Furthermore, he has other channels Jerome-Roblox, JeromeACE, Jerome, and Jerome LIVE are other channels where he uploads his hilarious posts and games.

He has expanded his channel and reached a wider audience via podcasts as well. Jerome and his friends have found a great niche of interests, and their growth is outrageous.

Adding more details, Jerome is also the co-owner of another gaming channel, ‘AwesomeSauceFilms’. Mitch, Jerome, Mat, and Zak used to run this channel a few years back along with Jerome.

Moreover, he is also a part of another famous gaming group titled, ‘The Pack’. It consists of other gamers like BajanCanadian, Woofless, and PrestonPlayz.

Beside Youtube

Also, he is the director of two TV series, including Roblox Myth Control in the year 2011. Also, he has directed Clip: Roblox restaurant. He and his friends are seen in a Roblox restaurant.

Jerome’s Twitter bio says that he is a co-owner of Merch For All LLC. His merchandise includes hoodies, T-shirts, Joggers, printed cups, and caps. His product ranges from $14.99- $54.99.

JeromeASF – Net Worth 2024

Being a successful YouTube star, he has accumulated a handsome amount of money. Without any doubt, his main income stream is his YouTube channel.

Jerome earns $6,600 per day making $2.3M yearly from ads. Also, he has merchandise that adds a healthy amount to his net worth.

Furthermore, his net worth is $6M according to the source named Naibuzz. He has earned enough money to live a lavish life.

JeromeASF – Body Measurements 2024

Aceti stands tall with a height of 6 feet. He weighs 75 kg. However, his body measurements are not available.

Furthermore, he has Brown eyes and brown hair. He has a fair complexion with a charming personality.