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Jayne Kennedy

Jayne Kennedy is an actress, model, corporate spokeswoman, producer, writer, public speaker, philanthropist as well and sports commentator from the United States. Jayne Kennedy was elected Miss Ohio in the Miss USA Pageant in 1970. 

Early Life and Childhood

Jayne Kennedy was born on October 27, 1951, in Wickliffe, Washington D.C, US. Jayne Kennedy was born into a family of six children in Wickliffe, Ohio. Her parents are Herbert and Virginia Harrison.

Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio and her religion is Christianity.  American is her ethnicity. Currently, she is a 70 year old lady.

Jayne Kennedy

Caption: Jayne Kennedy and her mother Source: Pinterest

Jayne Kennedy – Education

Jayne went to Wickliffe High School for her studies. Kennedy became involved in cheerleading because she was active and energetic. She went on to become a member of the National Honor Society as well. Jayne was the first black vice president of Girls State in 1969.

Career and Professional Life

Movie theaters and television shows

Jayne debuted in Hollywood as a dancer on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In in 1971. For three years, this opportunity allowed me to work as a singer/dancer with the Dean Martin Show. She then made her acting debut in the film “Group Marriage” in 1973.

She began appearing as a guest on television series and films in the mid-1970s. Kennedy appeared in several films and television shows. She also had appearances in B movies.

In 1977, she starred in the television film Cover Girls. Jayne on the other hand, produced her exercise video, Love Your Body. Jayne also encouraged others to take care of their physical appearance.

She plays a beautiful role in many films.

  • Body and Soul
  • Group marriage
  • Penitentiary
  • Ironside
  • Sanford and son
  • Banacek
  • The Six Million Dollar Man
  • Let’s do it again
  • The Rockford Files
  • The Muthers
  • Wonder Woman Episode: “Knockout.”
  • Police Women Episode: “The Inside Connection”
  • Fighting Mad
  • Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women
  • Chips Episode: “Kidnap; Mitchel and Woods,” etc.

    Jayne Kennedy

    Caption: Jayne Kennedy in Body and Soul shoot Source: IMDb

Serving the US Armed Forces

Jayne began her career in 1971 by going on Christmas tours all around the world. She entertained American troops in Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Spain, Cuba, and Denver, Colorado.

She became the host of NBC’s Speak Up America as a result of this. She also interviewed South Korean troops to report on the psychological consequences of war on troops fighting in the Demilitarized Zone against North Korean forces.

Commercials and Sports Anchoring

Kennedy was one of the most well-known people of the 1970s. Her promotional campaign for the diet soft drink Tab deserves all of the credit. Kenny Kingston’s Psychic Hotline, Coca-Cola (both TAB and Diet Coke), Reebok, and Revlon were among the brands for whom she made ads and infomercials.

  As well as, She also appeared in ads for Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Esoterica, Jovan Fragrances, Bankers Systems, and RadioRobics.


In 1978, Jayne’s success landed her a job at NFL Today. When she became a sports host, she made history. She created history by becoming the first black woman to lead a sports show in the United States. In addition, Jayne co-hosted the CBS broadcast throughout the fall football season.

The CBS broadcast drew seven million people thanks to her appearance. Kennedy conducted interviews with the players. She showed off her knowledge of NFL statistics and team rosters there.

Jayne also had a successful tryout for an NBC television series called Speak Up, America. The NFL, however, later replaced her.

Jayne Kennedy – Awards and Achievement

For her role as Julie Winters in Body and Soul, Jayne received the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in Motion Picture in 1982. For The Journey of the African American, she also earned the NAACP Theater Award for Best Producer.

She was also nominated for an Emmy in 1980 for her coverage of NBC’s Speak Up America’s news story on soldiers on the DMZ in South Korea. Jayne was also honored with the CEBA Award for her contribution to the business sector.

She also received the NAACP THEATER Award for “Best Producer” for her work on The Journey of the African American. Jayne was also named “One of the 20 Greatest Sex Symbols of the 20th Century” by Ebony Magazine.

Jayne Kennedy was dubbed “The Most Admired Black Woman in America” by Coca-Cola USA in the 1980s. At the same time, Kennedy-Overton was named one of “The 30 Most Beautiful Black Women in History” by Essence Magazine. She was named one of the “Ten Black Female Firsts in T.V.

Journalism Around the World,” among other honors. Additionally, The Smithsonian Museum of African American History features a photo of Jayne to commemorate her work. There’s also a remark from Oprah Winfrey, who says she’s proud of Jayne.

Personal Life

Harrison met Leon Isaac Kennedy, a DJ as well as an aspiring actor/writer, a year after graduating from high school. In 1971, they tied the knot. But in 1982, that couple divorced. 

 According to the sources, Jayne was diagnosed with endometriosis in the 1980s. The doctor advised Kennedy that pregnancy was the best treatment for endometriosis because the hormones released during pregnancy limit or at least minimize the build-up of endometrial tissue.

Kennedy married actor Bill Overton in 1985. His daughter Cheyenne was born in 1982, and his three daughters Savannah Re (born November 20, 1985), Kopper Joi (born May 17, 1989), and Zaire Ollyea were born in 1985, 1989, and 1990, respectively (b. September 15, 1995).

Jayne Kennedy

Caption: Jayne Kennedy and Bill Overton Source: AmoMama


It appeared out of nowhere. Jayne Kennedy and her ex-husband, Leon Kennedy, had a steamy real-life sex tape published in 2014. Jayne holds Leon responsible for the “publicity stunt.” Leon, on the other hand, has not agreed to the date.

Campaign and Charity Works

With time, Jayne launched I.T.’s A MOTHER-DAUGHTER THING! in 2015. This campaign focuses on working with each of her daughters to reinforce and refresh her commitment to bettering their lives and the status of our communities.

Additionally,  Jayne founded the It’s A Mother-Daughter Thing Speakers Series, which addresses social issues in America. Jayne prioritized her girls’ education.

 According to the sources, she has supported numerous college-bound students by helping them through the college application and scholarship search process to assist other girls in obtaining an education.

COIR was eventually recognized by the US Department of State as an official Human Resources Recruiting Event in 2016. Similarly, Jayne also co-created and co-produced the Youth Consortium and Leadership Round Table: International Relations Career Opportunities workshop (COIR).

Jayne Kennedy – Net Worth 2023

According to trustworthy sources, Jayne Kennedy’s net worth is estimated to be more than $2 million.

Social Media

Jayne Kennedy has a Facebook page with 21000 likes, which she uses as her handle. Similarly, she posts about her family and memories on her Instagram account with the username @jaynekennedyoverton with 40.8k followers. Her Twitter account @PlainJaynKO, meanwhile, has 650 followers.

Body Measurements  

Jayne Kennedy’s breast, waist, and hip measurements are 36 (breast), 24 (waist), and 36 (hips). These are her stats from while she was active. Additionally, she stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 65 kg.