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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Jaymeson Sweeten


Jaymeson Sweeten is an American celebrity sibling. Jaymeson Sweeten is mostly known because of her eminent half-sister, Madylin Sweeten, who is an actress.

Early Life and Education

No one knows when she was born, but she was born in the United States. Her mom’s name is Elizabeth Grace Gini, and her dad’s name is Jerry. Also, Jaymeson’s family is Caucasian, and he has three older sisters named Elliette Gini, Emma Gini, and Guiliana Gini.

Her half-siblings are Madylin Sweeten, Maysa Sweeten, Sawyer Sweeten (who died in 2015), and Sullivan Sweeten. Based on what she has done in school, she might be in junior high.

Jaymeson Sweeten

Caption: Jaymeson Sweeten with her sibling’s Source: The Paradise

Career and Professional Life

Jaymeson Sweeten hasn’t started working yet because she’s too young and is focusing on her schoolwork right now. But she is in the news because her sister is a well-known figure in the tech world.

Madylin Sweeten

Madylin Anne Michele Sweeten is an American new-age comedian and actress who is better known by her stage name, Madylin Sweeten. She is best known for her part in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” a comedy show on CBS. She played the role of “Ally Barone” on the popular TV show from 1996 to 2005.

Since her first role as “young Debra” in the TV movie “A Promise to Carolyn,” Madylin has also been in several popular TV shows and movies, such as “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “The Christmas Path,” “Eagle Eye,” “TMI Hollywood,” and “Spare Change.”

She has gained a huge number of fans over the years because of her fresh sense of humor and the way she does comedy on the spot. She is a talented and self-confident actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment business in a short amount of time.

Madylin Sweeten

Caption: Madylin Sweeten with her brother’s Source: ABC11


At the age of four, Madylin Sweeten made her acting debut in the TV movie “A Promise to Carolyn.” She played young Debra in the movie. The cute little girl got a lot of commercials in Dallas because she was on the show. She then won the title “World’s Universal Beauty” at the Kay Scott School of Performing Arts in a contest called “Our Little Miss.”

After that, her parents took her to Los Angeles to try out for a few TV pilot roles, and she eventually caught the attention of the people who made the TV show “Everybody Loves Raymond.” She was offered the part of “Ally Barone,” the oldest child and only daughter of Raymond and Debra Barone, the show’s main characters. Madylin was a big part of the show from 1996 to 2005 when it ran for nine seasons.

Jaymeson Sweeten was in 32 episodes of “TMI Hollywood,” and between 1998 and 2014, she was in a lot of other TV shows and movies, like “The Christmas Path,” “Ask Me No Questions,” “Human Centipede 3 Parody with Bree Olson,” “Mommy,” and “Our Friends Are F*cking.” After making her film debut in 1999 as “Young Aloise” in “A Dog of Flanders,” Sweeten also did some work in other movies.

Later, Jaymeson Sweeten worked as a voice actor in movies like “Toy Story 2,” “American Splendor,” “Eagle Eye,” “Spare Change,” and “Sam and Me,” where she played “Lauren Frederick.” But so far, her career in movies hasn’t been as successful as her career on TV. She is still young, and if she keeps working hard and following her dreams, it won’t be long before she also makes it big in this field.

Madylin Sweeten

Caption: Madylin Sweeten on the red carpet Source: IMDB

Jaymeson Sweeten – Net Worth 2024

Jaymeson is still a young child. She doesn’t have a job or a source of income. Therefore, she doesn’t have a net worth of her own.

Relationship Status

Jaymeson Sweeten is too young and she is still a child. Therefore, she is too young to be in a relationship. Her parents have a wonderful relationship and great care for each other and their children.

Body Measurements

Jaymeson Sweeten is still a young child with a developing body. She has blue eyes and light brown hair.

Jaymeson Sweeten – Social Media

The celebrity child is still too young for social media. She might start using social media after she has become a responsible teenager.