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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Jack Alexander Cassotta

Jack Alexander Cassotta is the only son of the actress Taylor Dooley. Taylor Dooley is popular for appearing as the Lavagirl in the movie “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl” in 3-D by Robert Rodriguez.

Early Life

The celebrity kid was born on 23rd November 2016, in Los Angeles, United States. As of now, Jack’s age must be 7 years old. Likewise, Jack holds an American nationality and follows the Christian religion. Jack was born to his parents, father Justin Cassotta, and mother, Taylor Dooley. He also has a sister and her name is Adaline Joan Cassetta. Apart from this, there is no more information about his earlier days as Jack is still a kid and enjoying his childhood. Considering the kid’s age, he as of now must be going to school.

Jack Alexander Cassotta

Caption: Jack Alexander Cassotta with his mother (Source: Instagram)

Career and Professional Life

Jack Alexander Cassota is just a five-year-old kid and does not have any profession as of now. The little kid rose to fame just because of his celebrity mother who is an excellent actress. Apart from this, Jack is just a normal kid who is surviving with the help of his parents and is enjoying his childhood as of now. Jack is not able to handle any kind of job since he is so small and is not developed mentally and physically as well. However, it would be a huge trouble for Jack to choose and profession and go on to pursue it. If he follows in his mother’s footsteps then Jack could become a successful actor like his mother. He does not endorse any brands.

His mother’s career

Taylor Dooley came into the entertainment industry when she was just nine years old. After she went to Los Angeles together with her parents in the mid-2000s, the actress received a major role in the kid’s movie “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl”. Taylor was just eleven years old at that time. It was the moment when Taylor Dooley’s career was boosted and was getting ready to get ahead. Before getting into this movie, Taylor had already gained and acted in some low-key roles.

The characters from the hit movie “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl” were also presented in the “Discovery Girls” magazine and several other articles where they mentioned their great acting skills and many more. Even though she is mostly recognized as Lavagirl, various people recognize her with her name after appearing in various films and television shows. Taylor was also present in the film “Monster Night” where she got the main role. Similarly, Taylor was also present in “The Apology” in the year 2006.

After appearing in several films, series, and TV shows, Taylor decided to take a break from her acting career to focus on her studies. After completing her higher-level studies, the actress then again got back into the entertainment industry. Taylor was giving auditions for various leading roles. Since then, Taylor has been active in the film industry. However, there is no more information about the films and TV shows she has gone to. Moreover, Taylor is also a beautiful model and has been doing modeling since she joined the industry.  As of now, Taylor has also been very active in staying and taking care of her kids.

Jack Alexander Cassotta

Caption: Jack Alexander Cassotta with his family in the cartoon dress (Source: Instagram)

Net Worth 2024

The young celebrity kid is just a student in kindergarten and does not have any professions at all. So, it is for sure that Jack Alexander Cassotta is not earning and does not have any net worth or salary at all. On the other hand, her mother, Taylor Dooley’s net worth is around $3 million which she has been earning from her acting career. The whole family is living a luxurious life without any troubles and financial issues to this day. Jack has been living under the wealth that has been collected by his parents as of now.

But it is for sure that little Jack has a bright future and will be earning more amount of money than his mother earns now. Moreover, there is not just Jack’s mother who has been supporting the whole family’s expenditures but he also has got his father. His father seems to be a businessman and seems to have a good net worth. However, there is no exact information about his father’s net worth and profession as well.

Relationship Status

Jack Alexander Cassotta is very young to be in any romantic relationship. Therefore, Jack Alexander Cassotta is single as of now and is enjoying his childhood together with his parents and sister. Also, the celebrity kid is very close to his parents and especially to his mother. There are various images uploaded by their parents on their social media platforms to show their love for their kids. Coming to Jack’s parents, his mother, Taylor Dooley was very young when she got married to his father, Justin Cassetta. They first got to meet each other in the year 2010 when Taylor was just seventeen years old.

Before getting married, both of them were in a romantic relationship for a long time. The couple’s engagement was in the year 2014. Finally, the couple’s wedding was in May 2016. In addition, Taylor’s parents were also very happy with Jack’s father. Right after one year of their wedding, Jack was born in the year 2016. Similarly, the couple wanted to increase their happiness with another new member. On 22nd March 2019, the couple gave birth to Jack’s younger sister whose name is Adaline Joan. The couple often share images dressed in cartoon characters and spend most of their time with each other.

Before Taylor got to meet Justin, she was dating some other guys. In the year 2008, she was dating Daryl Sabara. They were often found together in various public places however they broke up in the year 2010. Similarly, Taylor was also in romantic relationships with some other guys such as Cayden Boyd and Kyle Massey. As of now, the whole family is living a very happy and peaceful life with each other in Los Angeles, California. Apart from this, no one in Jack’s family has been involved in any kind of controversial matter.

Jack Alexander Cassotta

Caption: Jack Alexander Cassotta on his birthday with his mother (Source: Instagram)

Jack Alexander Cassotta – Body Measurements

The five-year-old kid is in his growing stage as of now. Jack has a fair complexion with an average height and suitable weight. However, there are no details regarding the celebrity kid’s body measurement. But it is for sure that he has a very cute face with an adorable personality. People are attracted by his amazing smile and his love for his mother. Moreover, Jack has a pair of brown eyes with blonde hair. There is no doubt that the young boy will be a very handsome and dashing gentleman in the future.

Jack Alexander Cassotta – Social Media

Jack Alexander Cassotta is not able to handle social media on his own and does not have any social media accounts. On the other hand, Jack’s parents are highly active there and love sharing their images. There is not a single day that Jack’s parents share his image with loving comments and captions. Jack’s mother is more popular on social media and has thousands of fans and followers there. In the future, Jack will also be active on social media and he will have another thousand fans.