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Seoul, South Korea
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Seoul, South Korea

Hwang Chul Soon

Hwang Chul Soon is a prominent South Korean actor, bodybuilder, entertainer, trainer, and model. Hwang Chul Soon gained international fame as the 4 times Musclemania Pro Champion.

Early Life and Childhood

Hwang Chul Soon was born on September 1, 1983, and his age is currently 38 years old. Chul Soon hails from Seoul, South Korea, and his zodiac sign is Virgo.

His name is written in his native language as 황철순. There are no verified details regarding Chul Soon’s parents, siblings, and other family details. He also has yet to share insights into his educational journey.

Relationship Status

Hwang Chul Soon is married to Yeona. The couple shared their vows in early February 2020. He shared the first Instagram post related to his wedding on 9 February 2020.

Similarly, his wife shared their wedding details via her Instagram post on 8 February 2020.

The fitness couple had their wedding ceremony at 5 PM at Shilla Hotel, Seoul. Moreover, the couple has a son together namely Riu and he is 8 months old.

Hwang Chuhl Soon

Caption: Hwang Chuhl was Soon photographed kissing his wife at their wedding. Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

Hwang Chul Soon stands tall at an approximate height of 5 feet 10 inches or 177.5 cm and his weight is around 215 – 225 lbs or 93 to 102.1 kgs.

Likewise, he has chest-waist-hip measures of 44-35-37 inches respectively and his biceps size is 16.5 inches. Similarly, he has silky black hair has dark brown eyes.

Hwang Chul Soon – Net Worth 2023

Similarly, the bodybuilder also created his official YouTube channel on November 28, 2011. So far, his “CHUL SOON HWANG” channel has over 82.2 million views and 412K subscribers.

He also has more than 2.3 million people following his journey on Facebook. Moving on, he has a net worth of approximately $3.7 million.

The Beginning

Hwang Chul Soon was often disrespected for his undernourished looks. Eventually, this became his motivation to turn to the weight room and begin his journey toward success in the field of bodybuilding.

He began his training life when he was 20 years old.

Talking about why Chul Soon started getting into fitness, he said

“When I turned 20 I had a very thin body and weighed only 57kg (125lb). I was treated with disrespect. People looked down at me in situations like if I was returning goods to a store, or helping someone or speaking to strangers.”

At the beginning of his training, he would do 3000 crunches a day. He did this almost daily. His training sessions would even last more than two or three hours on some days.

Later on, the bodybuilder realized that this type of training wasn’t the most efficient for building muscle. Subsequently, he started following a structured workout program and also focused on his diet.

Three years later, he could no longer recognize himself. He found his physique massive, proportionate, and shredded. Eventually, with several years of weightlifting experience, he started working as a personal trainer in one of the gyms in Seoul.

Later, in the year 2009, he took his career in fitness one step further. He began to compete in bodybuilding shows.

His debut contest was the 2009 Musclemania World Championships. In this contest, he finished 2nd place in the lightweight category.

More Details

Following this, he started competing regularly. He also brought more size and better conditioning as time went on.

Then by the end of the year 2010, he sculpted an impressive physique and bagged 1st place at the 2010 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend contest.

Since then, the bodybuilder has become a celebrity fitness trainer. He has also appeared in numerous Korean and American commercials, magazines, and TV shows. Talking about his present progress, he says:

“Now that I am much bigger, people treat me with more respect. They call me the ‘Asian Sensation’, ‘Asian Pride’ and the ‘Asian Arnold’.”

Hwang Chul Soon

Caption: Hwang Chul Soon in a before-after comparison photo. Source: Instagram

Hwang’s Training and Nutrition

Hwang Chul Soon mainly focuses on compound movements that work in multiple muscle groups. Some of them are pull-ups, bench presses, deadlifts, and squats.

The bodybuilder also believes that just these four exercises might be enough to build an impressive physique.

Nevertheless, he still adds some isolation movements to his workouts. These isolation movements help him shape the muscle as well as even out any strength or size imbalances he might have.

Some of these isolation movements are rear delt dumbbell flys, cable flies, and wide-grip lat pulldowns.

Furthermore, the Korean bodybuilder follows a strict diet. His diet focuses on moderate fat intake, moderate carbs, and high protein. He mostly consumes carbs in the morning and after a workout.

Likewise, He then takes his protein and fats throughout the day. He especially takes them the evening before bed.

More Details

He also consumes some of the more common foods and drinks like bananas, whey protein shakes, chicken, brown rice, and avocados.

The Korean bodybuilder also eats a meal every three hours. Each of his meals weighs around half a pound.

Hwang Chul Soon

Caption: Hwang Chul Soon posing for a photo with his wife and son. Source: Instagram

Career and Professional Life

Hwang Chul Soon is a famous actor, bodybuilder, celebrity personal trainer, as well as a fitness model. He is dubbed the Asian Arnold.

He is famous for his incredible physique that features chiseled 8-pack abs and an old-school, classic physique look.

Since he first started competing in the year 2009, he has become a sensation in his homeland and beyond.

He has won numerous bodybuilding contests throughout the U.S. and Korea. He has additionally appeared in commercials and TV shows.

Hwang Chul Soon

Caption: Hwang Chul Soon showing off his fit body. Source: Madness Media


Overall Champion:

  • 2012 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Category: Professional Heavyweight
  • 2015 Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Category: Professional Medium
  • 2016 Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Category: Professional Medium

World Champion (Pro Card):

  • 2010 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Category: Lightweight

1st Place:

  • 2010 Musclemania Universe Korea, Category: Sports Model
  • 2014 Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Category: Professional Medium

2nd Place:

  • 2009 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Category: Lightweight
  • 2013 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Category: Professional Medium

3rd Place:

  • 2009 Fitness Korea, Sports Model
  • 2010 Model Universe at Fitness Universe

4th Place:

  • Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Category: Lightweight
  • 2011 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Category: Professional Heavyweight

Hwang Chul Soon – Social Media

Talking about his social media presence, Hwang Chul Soon joined Twitter in October 2014 and so far has over 3.3k followers on his @HwangChulSoon account.

Likewise, he goes by @chul_soon on Instagram. This account boasts exactly 2,884 post shares and over 1.5 million followers while writing this biography in 2022.