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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Hank Kunneman

Hank Kunneman is a famous author, television host, and also senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church, located in Omaha, Nebraska. Hank Kunneman is also the founder of “One Voice Ministries” who hails from the United States.

Early Life

Hank Kunneman was born between the years 1965 to 1969, in the United States. Kunneman is an American native and is of Caucasian ethnicity. Likewise, Hank has been following the Christian religion.

Sadly, there are no exact details about the author’s birth date and his personal life. However, it is known that He as of now is in his 50s.

He has been very secretive about his personal life since the very beginning. As for the TV host’s educational background, Hank is a well-educated personality. He first went to the Catholic school for his schooling.

After that, the famous author joined a high school in the United States from where he graduated as well.

Hank Kunneman – Net Worth 2024

He has been earning a good amount of fortune to support his whole family. The primary source of income of Kunneman is from his professional career as an author, TV host, and senior pastor.

Hank’s wife also helps him a lot in his business affairs and in earning fortunes as well. As of 2022, the net worth of Hank Kunneman was between $500 thousand to $700 thousand.

There is not a single doubt that He has been living and giving a great and luxurious life to his family. He must have a luxurious house, cars, and other assets however, there are no details about it.

Hank Kunneman – Relationship Status

The name of Hank Kunneman’s wife is Brenda Kunneman. Both of them are representatives of the lord and they have been serving in the same field for a long time now. Together the couple has also written numerous books and went to various events with each other.

Also, the couple is the parents of 2 adorable sons. The name of their elder son is Matthew and their younger son is Jonathan. Furthermore, Kunneman’s family, they have several pet dogs since they are a big animal lover.

Other than this, He has never been in any rumors or scandals except for one. There was some hate for Hank after he told his false prediction and even refused to apologize.

This is the only incident that has badly affected Hank Kunneman’s professional life. But it is also one of the main reasons which has made him more popular all over the world.

Hank Kunneman

Caption: Hank Kunneman with his wife (Source: Daystar Television)

Hank Kunneman – Career and Professional Life

Hank has been doing his every work very well to this day. As mentioned earlier, He is the one who established “One Voice Ministries”. He works a lot together with his lovely wife.

They together have brought out numerous books such as “Barrier-Breakers”, “Don’t Leave God Alone”, and “The Revealer of Secrets”.

Moreover, Hen also handles and manages a prophetic webpage named “Prophetic Perspectives”. Through this webpage, He inspires various people.

Kunneman was also present in another talk show, “Lords of Hosts & New Level” which helped him to get more popular. He was present in the show, “Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural”.

It was a talk show whose host was Sid Roth. There, He was promoting the things related to the supernatural as it all is about the Christian religion and he is a huge Christian personality.

Also, as everyone knows, He is a super spiritual person and frequently discovers some techniques to connect with God in this universe.


Together with his wife, He runs an organization named “HankanBrenda.org”. Also, Hank often attends several events together with his wife, Brenda Kunneman. There are different people in this world some are good and some are bad.

This means that some people love him and believe in his words and faith but some people hate him and do not believe in him. All those people who hate Hank Kunneman call him by the name “Fake Prophet”.

The American author rose to fame after letting everyone know his prediction. He predicted that the former president of America, Donald Trump would be the winner of the presidential race once again.

However, His prediction turned out to be false which brought him to the target of the audience. After all this, the American author still keeps on refusing to say sorry for his false estimates.

This is also the reason why people call him False Pastor and his haters have increased.

Hank Kunneman

Caption: Hank Kunneman giving a speech (Source: Millions of Celebs)


He loves traveling, ministering in conferences and churches, demonstrating the power of God, and many more. Hank also equips the Body of Christ so that he can perform the works of the ministry.

While He gets some spare time, he loves spending that time with his family and friends. He often goes out with his family and loves spending more time with his sons and wife.

As a faithful and very religious personality, Hen believes in Christianity blindly and loves advising other people.

Social Media

Talking about the author’s presence on social media platforms, Hank has been quite active on this platform. However, the author prefers

to keep his things secretive and keep a low profile. So, Hank Kaunneman has locked his Twitter account where he has gained more than 7 thousand followers.

On Instagram, He has 12.8 thousand followers whereas, on his Facebook page, there are more than 4 thousand followers. Hank’s social media accounts are all full of his works.

Body Measurements

Regarding Hank Kunneman’s physical statistics, he has a good height of 5 feet 10 inches or else 1.78 m or 178 cm. Hen also has a suitable body weight of around 75 kg or 165.34 lbs. Similarly, the author has a round face shape with a pointed nose and wide-full lips.

Kunneman also has a fair complexion with a pair of brown eyes and dark brown hair. In addition to this, the American author keeps himself in a healthy and good state since he has to work hard.