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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Grim Superpop

Grim is popular for creating GTS Wrestling animated match parody shows as well as prank videos. Grim Superpop is best known for his wrestling action figure reviews.

Early Life

The real name of Grim is Dave Hitchens. e was born in New Jersey on September 13, 1978. He currently is 44 years old and his zodiac sign is Virgo. Moreover, he also had a grandfather, ‘Superpop’, one of the main characters of the channel ‘sillySuperpop’ until his death.

Besides this, no other information regarding the YouTube star’s personal life is available on the web. But one can still know more about his family and life through his channels.

Grim Superpop

Caption: Grim Superpop’s old pic with my beloved grandfather. Source: Twitter

Grim Superpop – Social Media

His ‘sillySUPERPOP’ YouTube channel has amassed over 1.27 million subscribers. He has gathered over 788K subscribers on his ‘Grim Experience’ channel.

And, last but not least, his ‘Grims Toy Gaming Show AND STUFF!’ channel has accumulated more than 240K subscribers. Similarly, his Instagram account has earned over 62.3K followers. On Twitter, he has over 15.1K followers


Professionally, Grim Superpop is a YouTube star who is best known for his wrestling action figure reviews. And he has done it as part of Grim’s Toy Show on his sillySUPERPOP channel. His most popular video is “GRIM WRESTLES FAKE SHARK IN OCEAN! WWE SUMMERSLAM PROMO PARODY“.

Similarly, he is also popular for creating GTS Wrestling animated match parody shows as well as prank videos. he is a lifelong toy collector. His first videos were part of a series called “Uncensored Superpop”.

One of his most viewed videos is called “31-inch John Cena Vs Grim Backyard Wrestling Trampoline Match! Giant WWE Action Figure”.

Besides sharing toy wrestling content, he also does wrestling action figure toy reviews on this channel as well on the second channel, ‘Grim’s Gaming Show and Stuff’.

The YouTuber also holds a third channel under the name ‘Grim’s Toy Show ‘Kidlockdmh’ on which he uploads vlogs that are generally related to his everyday life experiences.

His videos generally include toy hunts, play fights with his enemies, and wrestling action figure toy reviews. Note that he is known for being the center of attention on his toy shows and several people compare him to WWE star John Cena!

Grim Superpop

Caption: making an interesting YouTube video Source: Instagram

More about his Career…

He created his YouTube channel ‘sillySUPERPOP’ in 2011. After this, he started sharing his toy wrestling videos on it. His first few videos were a part of the series ‘Uncensored Superpop’ which featured his grandfather.

These videos were followed by ‘WWE ACTION INSIDER: CM PUNK ELITE ACTION Figure MATTEL Grim’s Toy Show’, ‘WWE ACTION INSIDER: Zack Ryder Elite 9 Mattel figure Review the toys show’, and several others.

One of the most popular videos uploaded by Superpop is ‘HEEL WIFE BURIES WWE FIGURE PLAYSET UNDER POOL’.

This video was released on July 17, 2016, and has over 705k views as well as about 6081 likes (as of June 2017). Therefore, the journey of videos by the YouTuber continued and at present, his channel has earned more than 826k subscribers.

Apart from this, his other two channels are Grim’s Gaming Show and Stuff’ and ‘Grim’s Toy Show. Kidlockdmh’ has also successfully earned over 164k and 528k subscribers respectively.

Not just this, his content is immensely popular on Twitter as well where he has about 120k followers.

Grim Superpop

Caption: Grim Superpop making a video with his grandpa. Source: YouTube

Personal Life

Coming to his personal life, Grim Superpop was previously married to his wife, Barbra Hitchens, who is known on social media as Heel Wife. And, DollKat, has been featured in many of the YouTuber’s videos.

The couple is blessed with two daughters who are referred to as ‘Dollkitten’ and ‘Pencilarms’. The toy collector has even made a separate YouTube channel for his daughters: ‘Grimmettes Toy Show’.

Sadly, the two separated in 2019. As of now, he is currently in a relationship with QuareTina.

Grim Superpop

Caption: Grim Superpop taking a selfie with his girlfriend Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

He has a healthy body. Grim Superpop stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. However, the information regarding his body weight is unknown. However, he is not slim and has a decent body weight that matches his height.

Further details related to body measurements are not given. Moreover, he has beautiful blue eyes and his hair color is light brown.

Grim Superpop – Net Worth 2023

Grim Superpop earns enough money from his YouTube channels. His various Social media activities might make him earn a good amount of money. However, his YouTube channel provides him with a net worth of $364K.