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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Failboat also known as Daniel Michaud is an American YouTuber and gamer. Failboat is a famous YouTube whose content includes Minecraft games, funny videos, and live streams in collaboration with other YouTubers including The Failing Four, Exploring TNT, and Purple Shep.

Early Childhood

Danial Michaud was born on 17 August 1995 (28 years old) in the USA. Details about his parents are not known to either of his siblings. He is an American by nationality and his zodiac sign is Leo. He was inclined towards online games, videos, and sports from the beginning of his life. details about his personal life and family background are not known.

As per reports, he studied in Canada for his abroad studies. He has not opened up about his detailed educational status and qualifications.

Professional Life

Failbot is one of the famous gamers and YouTubers who introduced his YouTube channel in August 2011. His YouTube content mostly includes gaming and live streams and the most common are super smash bros ultimate, Kirby, and new games with tons of followings. He has two YouTube channels one is Failboat with 949k subscribers and another is Failboat’s stream storage with 150k subscribers.

His first YouTube video was Failbost’s Snow Golem Machine which was 10 years ago with around 75k views. After his positive response to the video both his fans and views increased. His second video was Failboat’s Snow Golem Machine RELOOK 1 with around 3.2k views. The Sooner the views and subscribers in his videos began to increase.


Failboat during the shoot of his YouTube channel(Source: Youtube)

Some of the videos with a million crossers include ‘Adding horror to Animal Crossing’ with 1.2M views, and Pokemon Sword but some funny stuff happens with 1.2M views. Similarly, some other videos include Animal Crossing but Death with 934k views, Animal Crossing but no Safety with 887k views, and many more.

His YouTube contains the Best animal crossing videos, Pokemon Sword, and nuzlocke: pokemon die when they faint kindes of game videos in his channel. Likewise, his other channel his stream storage contains live gaming videos. One of his videos ‘The Ultimate Woomy’ reached about 841k views which was streamed 3 years ago.

More Details

Before he used to be in Exploring TNT’s Videos but now he has his YouTube channels and mainly focuses on them. Further, he is seen collaborating with other YouTubers as well. He is mostly seen in videos of The Failing Four, Exploring TNT, and Purple Shep. The failing four is the collaborative YouTube channel of four YouTube including Cyrus, Jaymoji, and GG (Gabriel Gaming) which includes various games like Minecraft and Mario Party.

Likewise, the sailboat was previously seen on YouTube Exploring TNT’s videos. In addition, he and Purple Shep are very good friends. They met in the middle of 2016 and Sailboat helped him prepare his first YouTube video as well. Further, he is also known as Uncle Failboat. His YouTube is gaining popularity day by day and his number of views is increasing as well.

Considering his subscribers on both youtube channels, he has already received a silver play button. No time sooner he will be part of the Golden Play button as well.

Failboat – Net Worth 2024

Looking at his career graph he is one of the listed YouTubers in 2022 with a net worth of around $667.36 thousand. It is only the estimated income but looking at another source of income he has an estimated net worth of $934.3 thousand or more. His per-year income includes $166.84 thousand per year.

Relationship Status

As per reports, a sailboat is single and not in a relationship with anyone. The 26-year-old YouTube had one relationship in the past as per reports. But the details are still not disclosed.

Body Measurements

The 26-year-old YouTube has very good body physics. Moreover, with his tall body amazing face, and personality, he has gained lots of fans. Details about his body physiques and measurements are not given as per reports.


Failboat posing with his The Failing Four team (Source: Twitter)

Failboat – Social Media

Talking about social media, he has gained popularity through social media yo with tons of subscribers. Moreover, he has around 949k subscribers on his official YouTube account. Similarly, he has around 150k in his second YouTube channel Failboat’s Stream Storage. Further, he has around 83k followers on Twitter but surprisingly he does not have an official Instagram account.