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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Conor3D is mostly famous as a YouTube star from Irish. Conor3D is also a gamer and publishes his walkthroughs and tutorials on his YouTube channels. His videos have got more than 82 million views.

Early life

Conor3D was born on 19 October 2000 on Thursday in Ireland. As of now, he is 20 years old. His sun sign is Libra his birth flower is marigold and cosmos, and his zodiac animal is the dragon.  According to Astrologers, the people under Libra like harmony, gentleness, sharing with others, and the outdoors, and dislike violence, injustice, loudmouths, and conformity. Likewise, he has also revealed his face.

It is also said that his strengths are cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, and fair-minded and his weaknesses are avoiding confrontations, indecision, carrying a grudge, and self-pity.

The information regarding his early life like childhood, educational background, parents, and siblings is not available yet.


Conor3D is a famous YouTube star. He originally started his YouTube channel in the year 2011 when he was only 11 years old. Conor started his channel by the name CONORBOB.  He is also a gamer so he uploads different gaming videos on his YouTube channel. Conor uploads Roblox tutorials for prizes, secret area items, badges, and code in various Roblox games. He also shares new information, leaks, and promotional codes.  He also owns a group called Conor3D Studios. He is yet to endorse any brands as of now.


Caption: Conor while making YouTube game videos. Source(YouTube)

He is a primary player, he also publishes walkthroughs and tutorials on his YouTube channels. He has almost 82 million views in his videos. He has been gaining a lot of popularity through his videos. His earliest archived video was from July of 2012 titled ‘Characters in Real Life?’

He has been successfully positioned as one of the most famous YouTubers from Ireland. He is also one of the highest-earning and richest YouTubers. He has been experiencing a great life and enjoying his career. Almost this year, he has successfully maintained his career.

Conor3D – Awards and nomination

Conor3D has not received any awards yet. But, his talent has been recognized by the people and gained a lot of love. He also has received a golden and silver play button from YouTube. More than an award he has been receiving love from his fans.


Caption: Conor received a silver play button from YouTube. Source(Instagram)

Conor3D – Net worth 2023

Conor has been very famous among the people who have worked very hard at the age of 20 to get success in life. And in the other hand, his hard work and dedication have completely paid off. He is one of the richest YouTube stars of the Irish. His estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. He is always ranked on the list of the richest YouTube stars in Ireland.

The salary he has been earning has not been revealed yet. He has made a huge amount over the years. At this small age when people are struggling with their work, he is enjoying as well as having a quality life. The main source of his income is his YouTube channel.

Conor3D – Personal life

Conor has currently kept his personal life private. He has never publically announced his relations. But there are some rumors that he had at least one relationship before. Currently, he has stated himself as single. Maybe the reason behind his single status is that he is too young for it and he wants to focus on his career first. Later, if he gets into a relationship, he hopes he has a romantic relationship and the girl will be blessed.

He has got a lot of fame in his early life. He has been maintaining his career very smoothly and he has not been in controversies. There are no rumors that he has been in an affair or he has done something bad. He has been peacefully living his life. Maybe he is good to everyone and he loves to maintain peace around him.

Body measurement

According to the photos available on the social media platform seems like Conor maintains a regular diet and is a fitness freak. He stands 4 feet 3 inches tall. He is about 64 kg. His measurements, clothes, and shoe size have not been known yet. He is fair in complexity and has black hair and blue-colored eyes.

Social media

Conor has been using social media platforms very wisely and ruling over the hearts of people through it. Mostly the people who are attracted to games are influenced by him. He has been active on different social media platforms.

On Instagram, he is active in his account and has gained 3134 followers. His Facebook account name is @Conor3D. And his YouTube channel name is @Conor3D. He has gained more than 420k subscribers on it. He has already posted more than 1000 videos on it. he has successfully attracted people toward him hope he raises more and gains more followers in the future.