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Madrid, Spain

Chrisy Irene


Chrisy Irene is a Spanish Instagram star. Chrisy Irene is also a dancer who shares videos of her dance on her social media accounts. She has also made a cameo appearance in the video of “Beautiful Life”.

Early Life and Childhood

Chrisy Irene’s full name is Christina “Chrisy” Irene. She was born on 26 January 2003 and her birthplace is Madrid, Spain. Chrisy is 21 years old as of 2024 and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Moreover, she holds Spanish nationality.

Chrisy has not shared any information regarding her parents, siblings, and other family members. Like many other popular personalities, she also tries to keep his personal and family life private. She probably doesn’t want to talk about it publicly. Moreover, Chrisy’s favorite animal is a turtle and her favorite color is pink.

Talking about her school life, her high school days were not enjoyable and Chrisy suffered daily torment and bullying. This led to her developing a string of mental health issues which include depression and social anxiety. She has said that teaching herself to dance helped her cope at the time. Chrisy opened up in detail about being bullied in an article for The Crypto Coin Discovery Daily News. Chrisy was bullied for how short she was, how she dressed, her hair, and even her social media presence.

Experience with Bullies

Now that the young star has updated her Instagram about finally completing high school, her followers are hoping that the TikTok Star is doing better as she has left the negative environment and her bullies behind.

Discussing in detail about her experience, Chrisy had always been teased about minor things by her peers for the first 2 years of high school. Her classmates made fun of her appearance, primarily her teeth before braces. Their teasing was less harmful than actual bullying. Nevertheless, it was a catalyst for what Chrisy would have to endure later on.

By the time she started her third year in high school, the lighthearted teasing became vicious bullying practically overnight. A specific group of girls in her year began to attack Chrisy over her appearance. This left her feeling insecure at only 13 years old. Later, Chrisy did everything she could to avoid comments on her appearance. She even quickly ditched her signature plaits for more trendy hairstyles and also began wearing makeup to fit in better with others her age.

However, this did not stop her bullies and they instead continued to harass her further. They even went as far as to confront Chrisy at lunchtime or yell at her. One specific confrontation left Chrisy having a panic attack in the playground and she was unable to speak for hours. She also couldn’t explain the incident to her teachers when they found her. This event traumatized Chrisy as she was unable to recount the incident and the school had to gather the details through witnesses.

More details

Chrisy then spent the rest of her 3rd year (8th grade) skipping classes to avoid the gang of bullies who had already started to harass her over anything she did, including simply raising her hand to answer questions in class. Speaking about her experience, she says:

“I was judged about anything and everything. I would skip classes to avoid my bullies, and I would hide at lunchtimes and cry, and I begged my mom every day to let me stay home.”

For her fourth year, Chrisy returned to high school. But by this time, she was already suffering from depression and social anxiety. Chrisy was still secluded by the majority of her peers. After her online following grew and Chrisy learned how to defend herself, the bullying stopped, but she was still secluded by the majority of her classmates.

This isolation meant Chrisy would even go most days without speaking to anyone for almost six hours. This surely left Chrisy feeling extremely lonely. In Chrisy’s final year, she managed to rekindle some friendships with her old friends before finally passing her GCSEs and moving on to College.

Career and Professional Life

Her signature smile and perfect wardrobe gained her a dedicated fan base who has rewarded the talented teen with multiple opportunities; including her notable work with Dodolashes.

Chrisy Irene is a dancer. She is mostly recognized by her online alias @chrisyirene as this is her username on various social media platforms. Chrisy is primarily popular for her dance videos from TikTok. She would also post those videos on her Instagram account @chrisy.x. This, in turn, helped her garner her current Instagram following.

Moreover, Chrisy now admits that the only reason she would post her TikTok videos to her Instagram is that the TikTok app would delete her videos from the platform which frustrated her. As a result, she was never able to grow her following on the TikTok app directly. Additionally, Chrisy also made a cameo in the ‘Beautiful Life’ music video by Christina Novelli in late 2019. This music video has already gained a view count of over 900,000 since its initial upload.

In addition, Chrisy Irene also became the brand ambassador for Dodolashes. It is a popular eyelash company on Instagram. She initially started featuring in the company’s official video campaign in 2019. Despite her popularity and fame, she has not received any brand endorsement deals as of now. However, it is possible that shortly, she might start to endorse brands.

Chrisy Irene

Caption: Chrisy Irene in a YouTube video. Source: Youtube

Beginning of her career

Chrisy Irene had always been naturally flexible. Hence, as a kid she was able to teach herself tricks that other kids her age couldn’t like back walkover and front walkover, to name a few. However, it was only when Chrisy struggled to cope with her high school bullies that she learned dance routines that she found through online links.

Although Chrisy never became known through her contemporary or lyrical routines, learning those choreographies helped with her ability to dance the popular TikTok routines as fluently as she does. Chrisy also admits that her skills were not that great. Initially, her videos took some time to catch the attention of the audience. However, over time, the young star started gaining an appreciation for her videos.

Moreover, it is believed that Tiktok deleted her most popular videos. Those videos were deleted due to her belly dancing, which Tiktok considered ‘inappropriate nature’. Hence, Chrisy was quick to retaliate in frustration. She then posted them on her Instagram. This helped gain Chrisy the following on her most popular platform @chrisy.x, and as for Tiktok, she stopped posting there.

Relationship Status and Controversies

Chrisy Irene was believed to be in a private relationship with her boyfriend amid the success of her social media in late 2017. However, at present, the young talent has still not revealed any new information about her mystery boyfriend. Hence, many assume they might have broken up by now.

Chrisy Irene received backlash after a hacker released videos of Chrisy pulling an “all-nighter” despite being only 16 years old. Moreover, people also criticized her after being in her first serious relationship with an undisclosed boy. The fans believed the boy was using her for her followers and Internet fame. As a result of these two events, Chrisy keeps her comments off on Instagram to avoid hate at present. Some even speculate that it is to avoid deteriorating her mental health due to hate.

Body Measurements

Talking about the young dancer’s body measurement details, Chrisy Irene has a height of 5’1″ and her weight is around 50 kg. Unfortunately, her other body measurements such as chest-waist-hip, dress size, shoe size, etc. are not available at the moment. Moreover, she has dark brown eyes and natural hair of the same color. However, she dyed her hair in black in 2019 and she has beautiful curly hair.

Chrisy Irene

Caption: Chrisy Irene practicing dance. Source: Instagram

Chrisy Irene – Social Media 2024

Chrisy Irene is very active on her social media accounts. Her Instagram handle is @chrisy.x and it has 14k followers. Similarly, as of September 2020, she has shared 12 posts on her Instagram account. Moreover, she is also available on TikTok with the username @chrisyirene.

Chrisy Irene – Net Worth 2024

Furthermore, her main income source is Instagram. Unfortunately, her net worth is not available at the moment. It is under review. Being a popular Instagram star, Chrisy earns a decent amount of money.