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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Charles Krauthammer

 The late Charles Krauthammer was a political columnist. Charles Krauthammer even won the Pulitzer Prize for one of his works. Similarly, he was also a former psychiatrist.

Early life

Charles was born on March 13, 1950. He was born in New York City, Manhattan. Thus, Krauthammer is an American by nationality. He was born to parents Shulim Krauthammer(Father) and Thea Horowitz(Mother). His father was originally from Ukraine but later officially became a citizen of  France. Similarly, his mother was from Belgium.

His entire family moved to Montreal, Canada when he was 5 years old. Moreover, he has a sibling of his own whose name is Marcel Krauthammer. His brother passed away in 2006.

Charles Krauthammer

Caption: A photo of Charles when he was still young. Source: The New York Times

Charles Krauthammer – Education

He was a highly educated individual. For his high schooling, Charles studied at a private Jewish school named Herzliah High School. Similarly, for further education, he joined McGill University which is situated in Montreal. After graduating with a degree in economics and political science, he also studied Commonwealth scholar in politics.

For that, he took classes at Balliol College, Oxford. Furthermore, upon his return to the States, he attended Harvard University to pursue his medical degree. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in the year 1978.

Charles Krauthammer – Death

Sadly, Charles Krauthammer died on June 21, 2018, due to small intestine cancer. A year ago, he had a tumor removed from his abdomen. The tumor was cancerous and he thought the removal surgery was successful. Nevertheless, a year later in June, his cancer returned and doctors gave him about a week to live as it had progressed quickly and the chances of his survival were really low. He passed away at a hospital located in Atlanta, Georgia. He was only 68 years old when he died.

Charles Krauthammer – Career

He participated in various research projects right after he graduated from Harvard. In the year 1978, he also wrote articles for The News Republic addressing politics. A year later, he joined The News Republic as a writer and an editor. Similarly, another achievement of his at the beginning of his career is that he got an opportunity to serve as the speechwriter to vice-president Walter Mondale in the year 1980. Slowly, he expanded his reach.

He initiated writing articles and essays for Time magazine. Charles also started working for the Washington Post in the year 1985. He was also part of a political show which ran for around 23 years. He was one of the panel members of the weekly show. The columnist has provided his views on many political events that took place back then.

During his time, he addressed numerous issues such as bioethics, energy, medicine, global warming, Israel, presidential elections, religion, foreign policies, and so many more. He made sure that he addressed every ongoing issue and presented a well-executed judgment about all of them. Similarly, he had an insightful skill in writing that won him many awards nationally. He advocated issues like energy conservation and legalizing abortion while opposing euthanasia theory.


Charles Krauthammer won different awards for his writings, essays, and articles. Charles won many national awards for his works. Some of the awards won are mentioned National Magazine Award for Essays and Criticism, the Pulitzer Prize(1987), The Golden Plate Award, and the Irving Kristol Award.

Charles Krauthammer – Net Worth 2024

The prize-winning columnist had a total net worth of around $12 million. Through his job as a writer for various news outlets, he earned enough to sustain himself and his family. Although the exact details of his income are no longer available now, it can be assumed that he was paid a generous salary.

Charles Krauthammer

Caption: A beautiful picture of Charles Krauthammer and his wife. Source: BiographyPedia

Relationship Status

Charles Krauthammer was married to Robyn in the year 1974. His wife was a lawyer who later quit her job to become an artist. Likewise, Robyn and he had a son together. The name of their son was Daniel Krauthammer. The couple was very happy during their relationship. Luckily they never parted ways. Other than his marriage, there are no records of his previous relationships. It seems like he had a committed relationship with Robyn.

Body Measurement

Late Charles Krauthammer was 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Similarly, Charles had naturally black hair and dark brown eyes. Furthermore, he had a terrible accident during his first year at Harvard Medical School. After the diving accident, the American columnist was paralyzed from his waist down.

Charles Krauthammer

Caption: A portrait of Charles. Source: The New York Times

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