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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Carlos Oher

Carlos Oher is famous for being the brother of Michael Oher. Michael Oher is a former footballer offensive tackle who played in the NFL.

Early Life

There are no details related to Carlos Oher’s date of birth and place of birth. He was born to his father Sean Tuohy and his mother Leigh Anne Tuohy. Additionally, he has siblings named Marcus, John, Andre, Deljuan, Tara, Rico, and Denise.

Later on, his parents adopted Michael Oher as he was struggling. Besides that, there are no details regarding his education and childhood life.

Carlos Oher

Caption: Carlos Oher’s parents and his brother. Source: Bleacher Report


Carlos Oher has not made his appearance in the media. Also, he has not yet shared any data related to his professional life. Therefore, he gained fame due to his brother Michael Oher. His brother Michael Oher had opportunities to get scholarships from universities.
He has several choices like Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, South California, and Louisiana State. Finally, he chooses to play for the ‘University of Mississippi. At the University, he played under the guidance of coach Ed Orgeron.
Carlos Oher

Caption: Carlos Oher’s brother in a show. Source: Instagram

Moving on, he started to play for the ‘Ole Miss Rebels football team. Eventually, he was named the Freshman All-America and also he played as a guard on the team. In addition, he was placed as the left tackle during the season, of 2006.
Moving on, he became an offensive lineman of the second-team ‘Southeastern Conference’ (SEC). Fortunately, he was named an offensive lineman of the first-team ‘SEC’ after his junior season. Likewise, he also improved academically, during this time.
Subsequently, he dropped his plan of joining the 2008 NFL (National Football League) Draft. Eventually, he joined the ‘Ole Miss Rebels’ senior team. Thus, he was named the first-team All-American, at the end of this season. He completed his graduation in criminal justice, the following year.
At the ‘2009 NFL Draft’ by the ‘Baltimore Ravens’, he was selected in 2009. Moving on, he received a jersey with the number 74 in it. Besides that, he also entered into a contract with the ‘Baltimore Ravens team.

More about career

Hence, he was placed at the right tackle position, at the beginning of the 2009 season. Later on, he played at the left tackle position and again moved to play as the right tackle. Similarly, he was placed as the right tackle, in the 2010 season. In addition, the Ravens won by 33-14 against the ‘New England Patriots.
There was a declaration by his team that he would be playing as the right tackle, for the following season. Therefore, in Super Bowl XLVII, the ‘Baltimore Ravens’ won by 34-31, against the ‘San Francisco 49ers.
For the first time in his career,  this led Oher to win the ‘Super Bowl ring. Likewise, he entered into a contract with the ‘Tennessee Titans team, in 2014. Unfortunately, he owned to several injuries which also included a toe injury.
Due to his injuries, he missed many games, and as such his contract with the Titans was terminated. In the year 2015, he signed a contract with the ‘Carolina Panthers. And, according to the contract, he would be playing as the left tackle.

Carlos Oher – Net Worth 2024

However, there is no information about his earnings and net worth.

Personal Life

Carlos Oher has never appeared in front of the media and has always stayed away from media attention. In addition, he got into the limelight due to his celebrity brother. Also, he has not yet made any media appearances and stayed away from any kinds of rumors and controversies.

Similarly, when it comes to his brother’s personal life, he also has not revealed any details regarding it. Therefore, all the family tends to be private when it comes to their private life. in addition, his brother has also not been stuck in any kinds of rumors and controversies.

Carlos Oher – Body Measurements

Carlos Oher has not made any public appearances yet. So there are no details related to her height, weight, eye and hair color, body measurement, and more.

Social Media

As per the sources, Carlos Oher is not active on any media site and might also keep his account private.