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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Candy Stevens

Candy Stevens was a prostitute whose real name was Leona Stevens. Candy Stevens grabbed her attention only after she became the wife of the murderer Charles Manson. Charles was an American cult leader whose supporters conducted numerous disgraceful killings in the late 1960s. He is in life imprisonment now.

Early Life and Childhood

Candy’s birth name is Leona Candy Stevens. She was born and raised somewhere in the United States of America. She belongs to an American nationality.

Apart from this information, there is not much information regarding her childhood, parents, and educational background. She has managed to keep all her things private.

Relationship Status

In September 1959, when Charles was getting into trouble for his plan to cash a U.S. Treasury check, he was protected by Candy.

According to sources, her plea was hinged on the singular incontrovertible fact that they were both heads over heels in love with one another and she needed him by her side at the time.

This particular action led Charles to receive a 10-year suspended sentence from the jury.

After he was out of jail, he and she had their wedding in the same year. Then, after they married in 1959, his love was shunned.

After two years, things went down as Manson became more and more clever, obstinate, and wild. Their marriage did not last long, it ended in 1963.

Meanwhile, in April 1963, she gave birth to their child. They welcomed a son named Charles Luther Manson.

After his breakup with his second wife, Charles was again in jail. After some time, Manson became the head of a cult group.

His group began to commit more crimes in US neighborhoods. Things reached a tipping point when the killings hit the national airwaves. He was issued a life sentence.

Luckily for her and her young son, she had moved on with her life, and that meant going undercover.

Perhaps being recognized as an ex-wife of the notorious Charles Milles Manson was an excessive amount of stigma.

Career and Professional Life

After some research, it is found that Candy Stevens was a hooker and in one of her hook-ups, she met her would-be husband; Manson.

At the time she was dating Charles Manson, she hardly knew her prince harming was also a notorious criminal and would often defend him whenever he was accused of wrongdoing.

By the time they first met, Manson had been in and out of prison several. He was on the verge of serving a 10-year sentence in prison.

She was not a famous figure before she married Charles. She came to the highlight only after her marriage.

Before that, she had a prostitution record. Besides her engagement as a whore, her career is sort of perplexing to apprehend.

After Charles’s death, her whereabouts and what she is doing now are still a mystery.

She and Manson send a “sincere” letter to Judge William Mathes. At that point his proposals from the therapist and boss post-trial supervisor. They chose to give Manson a final chance at restoration, but his 10-year sentence was canceled.

From that time forward, Manson was given five years of probation.

He had to admit to one tally of “articulating and distributing” one of the Treasury checks “with a plan to cheat” to have the other two tallies excused — yet at any rate, he didn’t need to go through 10 years in a correctional facility.

More about relationship

However, it was not the primary marriage for the ringleader of the Mansion Family cult.

The American criminal Charles’s first wife was a teenage hospital waitress, Rosalie Jean Wills. They got married in West Virginia in January 1955 when he was on a prison sentence.

After he got out of jail, they went to California. With Rosalie, he has a son whose name is Charles Manson Jr. The pair separated in 1958. Since 1971, Charles has been in Corcoran State Prison in California.

However, the jail couldn’t stop this old criminal from getting engaged with girls.

Once again on 17 November 2014, the cult leader got into a relationship with a girl, Afton ‘Star’ Burton while in prison.

Afton Burton, who was 26 years old at that time, could not marry Charles because of his illness. Numerous individuals contemplated, that he was a homicide.

In any case, the genuine reason for Charles Manson’s passing is characteristic. He stayed exhausted for an extended before his demise in Jail.

On 19 November 2017, Charles took a final chance at the clinic in Bakersfield, California.


Thank Candy’s spouse, Manson, for she got captured. She with Manson’s other young ladies turned stunts while he ate hallucinogenic mushrooms with Yaqui Indians and was playing Russian roulette.

Each of the three was accused of driving a taken vehicle across state lines, whilst submitting prostitution. She seemed to be reluctant to try to do something amazing for her well-being of Manson.

Likewise, she affirmed against her spouse as a “material observer” so on get her charges erased. She authoritatively expressed that Manson was responsible for removing her from the state in April 1960.

Candy Stevens – Net Worth 2024

Candy Stevens wasn’t an acclaimed figure before she wedded American crook and faction pioneer Charles.

Yet, she had recorded she functioned as a prostitute. In this way, from her work, she may have earned a conventional worth.

Yet, it is difficult to decide her real total assets. However, according to some online sites, she has a net worth of $100k as of 2022. Her ex-husband, Manson has a net worth of $400 thousand as per various reports.

Be that as it may, Charges have earned more cash than appeared to general society. After the separation, she carries on with a position of a safe life.

Candy Stevens – Body Measurements

Candy Stevens’s height, weight, body measurements, dress size, etc aren’t available. However, it is sure that she has dark brown hair and eyes. It’s also not clear whether Candy Stevens remains alive or already dead.

Social Media

Talking about her social media presence, Candy Stevens isn’t active on any social media platform. She neither uses Instagram nor Facebook or Twitter as well. It seems like she does not want more trouble in her life again.