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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld

Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld rose to fame after being the wife of Steven Schonfeld. Steven Schonfeld is a Businessman and investor who is more popular as the founder and owner of the Schonfeld Group.

Early Life and Education

Even after being a famous public figure, Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld has not revealed anything regarding his every personal thing.

On the other side, Steven Schonfeld was born on 30th November 1957, in Old Westbury, New York, USA. As of 2020, Brooke’s husband is sixty-six years old.

Likewise, Steven is an American native of Caucasian ethnicity, who has been following the Christian religion.

Steven went to a Local High School and then to Emory University from where he achieved a bachelor’s degree.

Relationship Status

Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld’s husband is Steven Schonfeld as mentioned before. Apart from this, there are no details about her past relationships.

Previously, Schonfeld was dating the lady, Sidra Saucedo for some years. Due to some of their reasons, the couple broke up with each other.

Then, Schonfeld got to meet Brooke Kaplan after some time and they ultimately turned to be husband and wife. Schonfeld has 3 daughters and their names are Hadley, Taylor, and Sadie.

Brooke’s former wife, ex-model Sidra Saucedo gave birth to Sadie. It was in the year 2015 when the former couple’s life was getting worse.

At that time, they were in between the horrible custody battle, Schonfeld brought out a video of Saucedo breathing in a can of Dust-Off spray.

After the judge went through their situation, seeing the video, Saucedo was banned from keeping any contact with her daughter. However, she did not accurately take generosity.

According to Saucedo, her preference for the air-blast spray was “a direct result of having to battle with Steven Schonfeld, who has been trying to control me and my relationship with my daughter since the day she was born.”

The continuing fight finally ended in the year 2018 when the New York State Supreme Court in Nassau County honored Schonfeld’s custody of Sadie.

Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld

Caption: Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld with her husband (Source: Bloomberg)


On 1st June, Schonfeld Strategic Advisors’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Alliance referred a round-robin everywhere his team with the topic line “#BlackLivesMatter”.

The email body read “It is more important than ever to spread tolerance, acceptance, equality, and love.”

Speciously, the firm’s demand to range open-mindedness was not spreading to its staff including private traces to their email signatures.

One week after the email was sent, Meg Popkin was out after altering her effort email signature to add the saying “Black Lives Matter.”

Rendering to a declaration of Schonfeld, the removal had less to do with the relaxed alteration and further to do with the point Popkin was not following the correct procedure before creating the addition.

“The employee was terminated because she refused to follow firm policies and processes around email signature blocks,” went the statement.

“Schonfeld encouraged her to share and promote her views and passions with the firm, and we provided her multiple opportunities to do so that was within the firm policy, which she declined.”

Career and Professional Life

Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld’s career and profession are unknown. There is a high chance for her to be a homemaker only.

On the other side, in the year 1988, Schonfeld founded Schonfeld Group Holdings. At that time, Brooke was young and it was a minor exclusive trading organization.

Although it was a small firm, it, however, became one of Wall Street’s greatest gainful leaders.

As of now, it has become a global company that frequently trades hundreds of millions of shares. Schonfeld gained a huge achievement as the Hedge Fund Manager.

As of now, Schonfeld manages Schonfield Strategic Advisors which is a trading organization.

This firm frequently invests its exclusive capital, but in recent years has even managed certain customer funds.

Schonfeld’s company is a multi-manager stage that trades through quantifiable, Fundamental equity, and also tactical trading approaches.

In the year 2018, his trading approaches produced a reoccurrence of around 16%. His company was present in the eighteenth position on the list made by a Global Media Company “Forbes” in the same year.

Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld

Caption: Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld with her husband at an event (Source: Getty Images)

Net Worth 2024

Since Brooke’s profession is unknown, there are no details about her net worth. Brooke’s husband, Schonfeld has an amazing net worth of $2 billion.

The amount represents a considerable rise in his worth of the year 2018 when he had a $130 million income which was also included at #18 on Forbes’ list.

In December 2019, he broke national records after blowing $111 million on a major amount of Florida real estate. Schonfeld’s mansion is the most luxurious and costly one that has been sold in Florida.

The mansion has sprawled over six lands, conquering over 70 thousand square feet of existing space and swaggering eleven bedrooms, twenty-two bathrooms, one bowling alley, one salon, one spa, one ice cream stand, and also it’s very private candy parlor.

Predictably, the mansion is situated on the suitably titled Billionaire’s Row. There is no doubt that Brooke Kaplan is having a luxurious and dreamy life with the help of her husband.

Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld – Body Measurements

Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld has been very secretive about every detail. Schonfeld has a pair of brown eyes with brown hair color.

On the other side, Brooke Kaplan’s husband has a good height of 6 feet 2 inches or else 188 cm or 1.88 m. He even has a suitable body weight of around 82 kg or 181 lbs.

Similarly, Brooke’s husband’s chest size is 44 inches and his waist size is 34 inches. The size of his hips is 38 inches and his biceps size is 16 inches.

In addition to that, Steven Schonfeld wears a shoe size of 9 (UK). Schonfeld also has a pair of blue eyes with grey hair color.

Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld – Social Media

As for the celebrity partner’s presence on social media platforms, Brooke has been quite active there, Brooke Kaplan Schonfeld has a Facebook account.

However, it seems like the celebrity partner is not active on any of the other social media platforms.

Brooke gained popularity just because she became the wife of a billionaire. On the other side, Brooke’s husband, Steven has also never been acting on other social media platforms.