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Updated On June 3, 2024
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BradDoesBanter is a British YouTube vlogger and gamer who is widely famous for his YouTube channel. BradDoesBanter has garnered more than 288k subscribers for his opinionated commentary videos, challenges, and controversial vlogs.

Early Life and Childhood

BradDoesBanter is 24 years old. He was born on July 29, 1999, in England, under the astrological sign of Leo. He often features his mother on his social media handles. And looking through the pictures he posted of him and his mother show beautiful mother-son bonding. They are very close together.

Moreover, he holds British nationality but has not mentioned his ethnic background. There is no information regarding his educational background. He lives in Tameside, Manchester, England.


Caption: BradDoesBanter on his childhood photo (Source: Instagram)

Professional Life

He is an English YouTube star famous for his rant-type videos and his relations with other YouTubers. He has garnered attention from several renowned YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Sky Does Everything, who later brought him to visit the U.S., to which Brad says “smells like piss”.

Likewise, he performs commentary-type videos, some of his most popular beings on Buzzfeed. Likewise, he even had a massive following on all four of his Twitter accounts, each of which got suspended, due to his extremely controversial tweets. He is friends with other YouTubers of his type, such as Chubbs, Memeulous, ImAllexx, Pyrocynical, etc. He even holds a gaming channel named BradDoesGames.

Previously, he got recognition as Brad Does Minecraft, he made Minecraft videos, his first called “Minecraft: Oak Jungle solo PARKOUR! w/Brad” which was removed from his channel. His videos are mostly based on Minecraft, specifically series such as Hunger Games and UHC before moving into more comical and “Funny Moments”-type videos. With time. it became the main type of content along with occasional Q&As and prank calls.

Sadly, his popularity soon started to fall off from those types of videos, and shared some showing him in real life, such as reading hate comments.


Caption: BradDoesBanter on one of his YouTube videos (Source: YouTube)


He launched his YouTube channel ‘BradDoesBanter‘ on June 14, 2014. As of now, his oldest video is “Brad Does Minecraft (Censored).” It has garnered almost 11k views.  In October 2015, he changed his name from “Brad Does Minecraft” to “BradDoesBanter”. He changed it since he was near 15k subscribers, where he would get verified, and one will lose their verification if they change their name after. Consequently, he started turning away from Minecraft.

In November 2015, he uploaded a video called EXPOSING THE BIGGEST MINECRAFT YOUTUBER. The video showed the content of a satirical take on exposing videos focusing on SkyDoesMinecraft. However, Sky asked Brad to try to make this video and also commented on the video.

He currentlyuploadsd video content which consists of commentary-type videos, to which some called him a “Leafy clone”, due to similar content. In the recent videos, he rarely includes gameplay in the background and mostly clips of other things like clips of YouTubers’ faces.

Recently on April 22, 2020, he launched his YouTube channel BradDoesRants. It has garnered around 10.6K subscribers. To date, he has posted four videos entitled “Am I Bringing My Podcast Back?,” “Entitled Twitch Streamers,” “Discord Weirdos,” and “Why I Left The Cancelled Podcast. Moreover, he will be surely coming up with more interesting videos.

BradDoesBanter – Net Worth 2024

Speaking on BradDoesBanter’s earnings, he is a YouTube star who has earned a quite considerable sum of money. However, his earnings and net worth are not available on the web. His YouTube channel has made 17k dollars as of 2022.

BradDoesBanter – Personal Life

He is probably single currently. He has not married yet and neither has any kids. To date, he has not uploaded any pictures with girls. He seems to be enjoying his bachelor’s life. Moreover, he is very close to his mother. As of now, he is also busy focusing on his career.


Caption: BradDoesBanter posing for a photo with his mother (Source: Instagram)

Previously, he was linked don’t several controversial matters engaging with his yYouTubevideos. His Twitter account was also suspended for it. But as if now, he is controversy-free.

BradDoesBanter – Body Measurements

He has brown hair and blue eyes. He stands a good tall height with Chevy body weight. However, his height, weight, and other body statics are not available on the web.

Social Media

Brad is active on Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, he goes by handles with almost 29.1k subscribers. Likewise, he owns two YouTube channels. His main yYouTubechannel  BradDoesBanter has accumulated 288K subscribers, and another secondary channel BradDoesRants has accumulated 10.3k subscribers.