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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Blueface is a talented rapper and songwriter. The rapper rose to fame after Blueface brought out his music video “Respect My Crippyin” in October 2018. At that time, he was a viral meme because of his offbeat style of rapping. Recently, he made his 1st studio album “Find the Beat” public on 13th March 2020.

Early Life and Childhood

Blueface’s real name is Johnathan Jamall Michael. His birthdate is 20th January 1997 and his birthplace is Los Angeles, California, US. His current age is 26 years old. Similarly, he was raised in Mid-City in central Los Angeles. The name of his mother is Karissa and his sister is Kali. As for education, the rapper went to multiple elementary schools before migrating in together with his mom in Santa Clarita Valley. Later he stayed with his dad in Oakland.

After moving to San Fernando Valley, the rapper went to Arleta High School. There he also got in the marching band and played alto saxophone and football team, turning into the initial quarterback in the year 2014. As the initial quarterback, he took the group to an East Valley League championship in the year 2014. Johnathan then seriously went on to play for Fayetteville State University and played college football before quitting in the year 2016.

The rapper has even described his previous experiences as a football player in the video of “Thotiana”‘s remix. In the video, he describes a top-explored high school quarterback not respecting his coach just because of his wish to pursue women and fame. Then, the rapper started having an interest in rap music when he was still young and his favorites were 50 Cent, The Game, and Snoop Dogg.


Caption: Blueface a few years ago (Source: Instagram)

Blueface – Career and Professional Life

He began his rapping career in the year 2017. He posted his songs on Instagram and also on SoundCloud. Likewise, He then took the stage name “Blueface Bleedem” and made his very 1st singing “Deadlocs” public. He then brought out another hit whose title was “Thotiana”. It also surpassed a million plays. Similarly, he brought his 1st EP whose title is “Famous Cryp” in June 2018 which was also presenting other hits “Fuceed Em” and “Freak Bitch”. The EP also got millions of plays online.

After 2 months, the rapper released his 2nd EP “Two Coccy” in collaboration with Gogettakb, D. Loc, and also 1TakeJay. The EP includes the singles: “Blow Her Bacc”, “Deadlocks pt. 2”, “Next Big Thing”, and also “Respect My Crypn”. Then, he brought out a music video for his song, “Respect My Crypin” on WorldstarHipHop’s YouTube channel. Soon after the song was also uploaded on Twitter, it turned into a viral meme because of his off-beat flow and voice on October 8, 2018.

It became viral after people started comparing his voice with a cartoon character, Courage The Cowardly Dog from Teen Titans Go! After all this, he made a deal with Cash Money West in November 2018. The rapper also got together with Miami rapper Lil Pump in January 2019 with whom he collaborated on Scott Storch’s “Bussin”. After that, he brought out the music video for his single “Stop Cappin” on May 1, 2019. It has received more than five million views over the 1st tour days on YouTube.


Caption: Blueface doing a stage performance (Source: Instagram)

Blueface – Net Worth 2024

He has been earning an amazing fortune from his only career as a rapper. The rapper has a net worth of $700,000 in the year 2018. And as of now, he has an excellent net worth of $4 million. Apart from this, there is no more information about his assets. But it is for sure that he is satisfied with his earnings and is living a luxurious life as of now.

Blueface – Relationship Status

The rapper has been in a romantic relationship with Jaidyn Alexis who has also appeared on his Instagram together with his other girlfriend, Jiggy. However, he has a son, Javaughn who was born in the year 2017. Javaughn often is present together with his father in several radio interviews. Moreover, he once revealed that his son’s mom is a working woman so his son has been staying with him almost every day in an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Therefore, he is not married yet even though he has a son.


Caption: Blueface with his son (Source: Instagram)


On 6th November 2018, at around 8:30 PM local time, the rapper was approached by a man at a Chevron gas station. The man tried to rob the rapper. However, Porter shot at the suspect’s car. Then, he was arrested and charged with shooting at an inhabitant’s vehicle. He was out on $50,000 bail on November 18. Porter was also arrested on February 1, 2019, for felony gun possession after law imposition recovered a loaded, not recorded handgun in his ownership. Also, in December 2019, he got a backlash after he uploaded a video of himself standing on top of a black SUV and throwing cash into a crowd of people in Skid Row. Some people saw it as a good indication, it was censured as “dehumanizing”.

Body Measurements

The rapper is very tall and has a height of 6 feet 4 inches or 193 cm. Likewise, Blueface has a body weight of 78 kg. He also tries different styles for his hair. Also, his charming smile and attractive personality are the main features that attract people to him. Moreover, the rapper is fond of tattoos and has several tattoos all over his body. He has the tattoo of Benjamin Franklin on his check, which he calls his signature and he has his son’s name tattooed on his right forearm. Also, the rapper has stated that his tattoos show his history as a barber, his religion, astrological signs, his aspirations, and many more in an interview with So Mile Exclusive.

Social Media

Now coming to the social media part, the rapper has been active on various social media platforms. He has a Twitter account with 183.1 thousand followers and a Facebook page with more than 893 thousand followers. Also, his Facebook page has been verified already. Looking at Instagram, there are numerous fan pages of him, and the most popular fan page contains 54.7 thousand followers. The artist also has his own YouTube chanwhere nel he uploads his songs and raps. The name of his YouTube channel is Bluefaceface Bleedem” and it has 1.56 million subscribers. It looks like, the rapper is very famous on social media platforms as well.