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Updated On February 12, 2024
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 Bereghost is an American YouTube gaming sensation. Bereghost has posted content on such games as Roblox, Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, The Forest, and Farming Simulator.

Early Life and Childhood

Bereghost is 45 years old. He was born on August 9, 1978, in Utah, United States of America. His birth name is Michael Coker, and his astrological sign is Leo. Further, not is available regarding his parents, siblings, and upbringing. However, he holds an American nationality.


Caption: Mike Coker in the photo with her daughter in the early days photo (Source: Instagram)

Bereghost – Professional Life

Mike Coker recognized online as Bereghost, is a YouTube gamer who rose to prominence through his YouTube channel ‘BereghostGames’ featuring the gameplays of a host of famous games. Primarily, he gained fame for his gameplay of culturally popular games. He has emphasized time and again that he has no doubts about playing games that have been labeled childish or easy by other pro gamers. In addition to these games, his channel has made it suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.

He created his channel on November 4, 2011, but started posting regular videos in mid-2012. All the videos shared before that have either been deleted or have been noted privately. His first video featured gameplay from the strategic game titled Modern Warfare 3 where he declared that ‘Bereghost is Back’. Moreover, he created Youtube videos with families playing video games for his viewer’s entertainment.

In the following years, he also recorded and uploaded videos of almost all mainstream and famous video game titles. He has even played Minecraft and Modern Warfare 3 for the beginning few weeks of the channel. He traveled all the various modes and maps within these games. His gaming videos were instructional and at the same time, they performed an entertaining watch.

Later, he began playing another mythology-based, strategic game called League of Legends. He even introduced in his channel something that is a long-standing tradition now which is the Family Game Nights alongside his wife whose screen name is Pixiedust423 and his children Tyler and Brianna.

Similarly, he has also joined the Roblox community which is the world’s largest social platform for gaming. He began playing several user-created games on the platform along with the introduction of other games in his channels like Brick-Force, Saints Row 3, Dungeon Defenders, etc. He even began uploading vlogs to his channel talking about his various gaming components.


Caption: Bereghost in one of the YouTube videos (Source: YouTube)

More about his career

Subsequently, he expanded the collection of games featured on his channel. Likewise, he added gameplays of several kid-friendly games on the Roblox platforms. He has featured a series of 7 Days to Die, gameplays, and Grand Theft Auto or GTA 5 Online which are hardcore adult gamers’ choices. He even tried his hand at simulation games such as Farming Simulator and The Forest. Further, he also tried playing the FGN Crew Plays and Friday the 13th.

His earlier videos did not consist of several views and were not heavenly. His channel was on the edge of getting lost in the spirals of hundreds of other such gaming channels. But since 2014 things improved and his channel has begun getting popular. The Family Game Night episodes became quite famous.

He has unique insight into gaming which creates a distinctively different gaming channel from other similar counterparts. He has attempted to cover the most popular games of the time and also has tried as many genres of gaming as possible. Two of his famous videos include “Roblox: JAWS Updated!,” and “Minecraft: FTB Ep4 – Harrison the Mining Turtle.” The first video has garnered more than 15M views, and the second video has garnered around 10M views.

Currently, the channel boasts over 930K Subscribers and enjoys several views of well over 723 million. He has even explored the entrepreneurial side of this business by creating his merchandise to be sold on select online platforms.

Bereghost – Net Worth 2024

He is a famous YouTube gaming sensation. He has earned a quite considerable sum of money through his YouTube videos. Additionally, he also has his merch.

Looking at his YouTube statistics, he has published 6,389 videos which all together add up to more than 704 million views. He creates new videos every month on average 35 and the channel has grown up to 184k nowadays. Therefore, his estimated net worth is around 305,000 dollars as of March 2023.

Personal Life

Michael is a married man. He is a husband to his wife who is recognized online as pixiedust0423. The duo has two kids, named Tyler and Brianna. He is very close to his kids and wife. Frequently, he posts pictures with his family members. He has a beautiful family, who also play games together and enjoy time spent with each other.


Caption: Bereghost posing for a photo with his wife and two kids (Source; Instagram)

Moreover, there is no news to date regarding his involvement in any kind of controversial acts and negative rumors, He has maintained a strong and strong personality on social media platforms.

Bereghost – Body Measurements

Michael stands a good tall height of around 5 feet 11 inches. Moreover, he has blue eyes with brown hair. Other information regarding his weight and body statistics is not available.

Social Media

He is active on different social media platforms. On Instagram, he goes with the username with almost 38k followers. Likewise, he has garnered more than 28.6K Followers on his Twitter account. His YouTube account has garnered over 930K subscribers.