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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Ava Busby

Ava Busby is the first-born quintuplet daughter featured on TLC’s reality show OutDaughtered. Ava Busby is the identical twin sister of Olivia Busby.

Early Life and Childhood

Ava Busby is 7 years old. She was in Houston, Texas. Her astrological sign is Aries and her full name is Ava Lane Busby.

She was born to Adam Busby and Danielle Busby. Likewise, her father left his job as a Key Account Manager at Intrinsic Solutions as well as Sprint Safety.

And now, he is the owner of Adam Busby Media. The media concentrates on photo and video projects from big brands to precious memories for family events.

Likewise, she is one of the quints, and her other siblings are Riley Paige, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, and Parker Kate.

Ava Busby and Olivia Marie are identical twins. She also has an elder sister named Blayke Busby.

Her elder sister Blake is four years older than her. Similarly, she belongs to the American nationality. Moving toward Outdaughtered star, Lane Busby’s education, there is no information until now.

Ava Busby

Caption: Ava Busby posing with her siblings (Source: Instagram)

Birth Story

Ava Busby’s mother Danielle Busby was blessed with five quintuplets along with her on April 8, 2015. During the birth of five quint’s daughters through C-section, she was just 28 weeks pregnant.

The quint sisters were certainly very tiny. So, they had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, for about three months.

Likewise, their birth process was captured in the cameras. Her mother gave birth to her five daughters, and Lane Busby was the first and the eldest one to be born as noted by the TLC website.

According to It’s a Buzz World blog, Lane Busby was born with a weight of 2 pounds, 6 ounces, and she was just 14.2 inches long. She was the last quintuplet to be discharged on July 6, 2015.

Ava Busby’s favorite

  • She loves eating Chicken.
  • She likes drinking ice-cold water just like her mama.
  • Her favorite color is Pink.
  • Usually, girls love playing with dolls but she loves purses.
  • Ava loves singing her favorite song “Rewrite the Stars” all day every day.
  • Her favorite movie is The Greatest Showman.
  • She loves watching her favorite TV show “Boss Baby Back in Business.”
  • She loves her family very much.
  • Her favorite animal is an Elephant.
  • She likes shopping in stores.

Mommy’s Girl

Ava Busby is said to be the “Mommy’s girl.” As she is usually attached to her mother’s leg or wants Danielle to pick her up.

She is also named “the sweet twin.” However, other quintuplets are more like daddy girls but she is the one who is more attached to her mother Daniel.

Identical Twins

While the OutDaughtered Quint star shares the same birthday on April 8, 2015. The two little girls are identical twins.

Olivia and Ava both look the same but a bit different. They seem to be dependent on each other and during bedtime, they must both be in the room.

She finds a bit of security when the other quint-twin is around. It’s so unique seeing their extra bond while being a quintuplet.

These identical twins have a special bond, which is so sweet for viewers to see on OutDaughtered. She and her identical win Olivia love to dance, bounce around and copy each other.

Ava Busby

Caption: Ava Busby posing with her identical twins Olivia (Source: Instagram)

Social Media

Ava Busby is socially active on media sites since she a very young. She grew up in the social media world as a part of the Busby family and has always been in the limelight through social media handles.

As she is just 5 years 5-year-old kid, she does not have her own social media account.

Furthermore, her family runs a YouTube channel named It’s a Buzz World which has gained over 1.27 million subscribers.

On the family Instagram handle, they had amassed more than 1.1 million followers and the @itsabuzzworld Facebook account has amassed 485k fan followers.

Professional Life

Since Ava’s early days before turning one along with her Quintuplets, she has been appearing in her reality show Outdaughtered.

This show premiered on TLC. The show has already reached its sixth season. Similarly, she is also a reality star as well as a social media star.

In addition, she is also featured on her family’s Youtube channel named It’s A Buzz World.

Their family Youtube channel posts video content about glimpses of Busby’s family life as parents of 6 Girls. They post weekly vlogs to the viewers.

One of the channel’s most popular and viewed videos is “Priceless reaction to daddy blowing the candles out.”

This video has hit over 19 million views. In the video, the quintuplets were more happy and foremost to blow up their daddy’s birthday wish candle.

Some of the other notable videos are “Reaction to Daddy Blowing out the Candles 1 Year Later,” “Results of a long car ride,” “Telling the Quints Apart,” and “The quints refuse to say, Mama,” “Busby Valentines Day,” and more.

These videos have crossed millions of views and are very interesting to watch.

Her featured video along with her family has attracted many viewers through their daily lifestyle updates.

Ava Busby – Net worth 2023

Speaking on Ava Busby’s earnings, she is a part of the OutDaughtered family, along with Its A Buzz world. Their estimated net worth is around $4.5 million.

Similarly, she is living lavishly and enjoying a healthy lifestyle alongside her other Quintuplets, elder sister, and parents.

This OutDaughtered reality family has  income about $250,000 – $400,000 per episode.

Personal Life

As Ava Busby is just a 7-year-old kid, she is very too young to get into a relationship. Turning into a beautiful girl, this pretty little munchkin will be getting into a relationship with her prince charming in the future.

Concerning her parent’s relationship, they got married on July 22, 2006, in an intimate ceremony in their hometown. The duo is living happily with their six daughters.

Ava Busby – Body Measurements

Beautiful Ava Busby has a pair of attractive blue eyes. She has a very charming personality.

Likewise, she has a square face and long hair with curls on the end. Her hair color is blonde.

Ava Busby

Caption: Ava posing cutely for a photo (Source: Instagram)