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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Ashley Reeves

Ashley Reeves is a prominent American crime victim. Ashley Reeves survived the assassination attempt on her by the teacher, Sam Shelton on April 27, 2006, who was strangled to death and later dumped in a Belleville park.

Early Life and Education

Ashley Reeves was born on 1st January 1983. Her birthplace is Belleville, Illinois, USA. Ashley’s age is currently 41 years old and her sun sign is Capricorn.

Her mother’s name is Michelle Reeves and her father’s name is Tracy Green Koenig. Moreover, she has a brother named Daniel Koenig and also has a sister named Madison Koenig.

Moreover, she completes her education in primary high school and college in the USA.

Ashley Reeves

Caption: Ashley Reeves’ photo. Source: IMDb

Survived from Life or Death situation

Ashley is a survivor of a horrific murder attempt by his teacher, Samson Shelton.

She fell in love with her teacher Samson and the teacher’s relationship with the students changed violently. And, they started fighting and Samson tried to kill her, but luckily she survived.

Reeves is a crime victim, who survived the assassination attempt on her teacher, Sam Shelton. Ashley survives after 30 hours of the terrible struggle between Life and Death.

Ashley met Sam Shelton when she was in high school and they eventually started their romantic relationship. The teacher, Sam was a gym coach and a pro wrestler.

The two met again in February 2006, 2 months before she disappeared. Reeves had a concussion, her neck was broken, and she was not breathing when authorities found her.

However, Police launched an investigation into the arrest of Samson Shelton.

The police charged Samson and he pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was also sentenced to 20 years in prison in the year 2007. She became known because of her life story “Left for Dead”.

Moreover, the movie ‘Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story’ represents a real-life struggle with Ashley.

Therefore, it is based on the extraordinary true story of an ordinary teenage girl who had to fight for her life 3 times; 1st in the woods, then in the hospital, and finally in court.

Ashley Reeves

Caption: Ashley Reeves’ picture. Source: IMDb

Reason for the attack

In the movie ‘Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story’, she notices Sam trying to force Reeves out of the car after it’s clear that she believes they made a mistake by being intimate.

Sam’s manipulative acts and the appearance of an upset stomach made Reeves come to his house, where they then become intimate.

However, according to Sam’s conversations with the police, he needed to end the relationship. But, Reeves denied it, which was when he was attempting to get her out of the car.

Therefore, to get Ashley out of the car, he used a chokehold on her. And, when she went weak, he realized he had caught her neck.

Moreover, in the confusion, he pulled her into the forests, choked her with his belt, and strangled her with his hands. However, after that crime, Sam left the fuss and then went out dancing.

After a 12-hour investigation in which Sam turned his story many times. However, the mention of his grandmother made him break down and admit it.

Then, he was the one to guide investigators to Reeves’ body in Citizens Park, found only 12 minutes away from Ashley’s home.

Moreover, Reeves was found 30 hours after her attack, deadened and severely wounded but still breathing.

What happened to the culprit Samson Shelton?

Though Sam had admitted, he was discharged on bail and placed under house arrest quite swiftly. However, just before he was to face trial, the police reacted to an attempted suicide call made from his home. Sam had eaten a possibly lethal mix of prescription medications and alcohol.

Moreover, there was a handwritten “do not resuscitate” sign on his chest. However, as EMTs moved in to recover him, Sam reportedly charged them, spitting and hitting them.

Also, in the hospital, he made racial accusations and made a disturbance. Moreover, a district judge questioned his mental well-being.

Finally, in the year 2007, he took a plea agreement signed off by Ashley’s family and the District Attorney’s Office. He denied addressing the court or even apologizing to his victim when given a chance.

As of now, this culprit remains imprisoned at the medium-security Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg.

Ashley Reeves

Caption: Ashley Reeves’ teacher, Samson Shelton. Source: Medium

Relationship Status

Reeves is a married woman now. Therefore, she married John in the year 2006. The two have two children together.

The names of her kids are not available online. However, this victim has kept her personal life away from the public.

Additionally, she also had a relationship with her boyfriend Danny. He presents her with a promise ring at just 17.

Ashley Reeves – Social Media

Ashley is not active on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Ashley Reeves – Body Measurements

Reeves stands at a decent height measuring 5 feet 7 inches. Similarly, she weighs around 65 kilos. Further, her eyes are blue and her hair is brown.

Likewise, this lady wears a shoe size of 6 US. More than this, there is no other information regarding her body stats.