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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Anthony Avalos

Anthony Avalos was an American kid; tortured and murdered by his mother and her boyfriend. Anthony Avalos was just ten years old when he was killed.

Birth Facts and Education

Anthony Avalos was born in the year 2008 in Lancaster, California, USA. He used to hold American nationality and his ethnicity was mixed. Likewise, his mother’s name is Heather Barron and his father’s name is Victor Avalos. She has five siblings but their names are not available as of now.

Regarding her educational background, he used to attend El Dorado Elementary School. He was a lovable and talented student and even his school’s teachers used to appreciate him. During his time in school, his teachers began noticing the marks on her body and doubted that he was getting hurt at his home. The teachers immediately informed the police but sadly, no actions were taken. Likewise, she used to take part in various school activities as well.

Anthony Avalos

Caption: Anthony Avalos in School (Source: Antelope Valley Times)

Anthony Avalos – Career and Personal Behaviour

Anthony Avalos was just a ten-year-old when he passed away. He didn’t have any career at that moment. He was very young to be working and to have any type of career. Likewise, everyone who knew him described him as a sweet kid who never bothered anyone in both school as well as home. Avalos also was a very well-behaved kid.

Killing of Anthony Avalos

Anthony Avalos had to suffer a lot in his childhood. He passed away on July 21, 2018, Thursday. He was brought to a Hospital emergency with fatal bleeding in his skull. Likewise, He was in the Intensive care unit on Life support following a suspicious fall. He Avalos was abused, tortured, and murdered by his mother Heather Maxine Barron, and her boyfriend, Kareem Ernesto Leiva. Likewise, during his autopsy, his body showed clear signs of sustained abuse. Avalos had bruises and burns all over his body, and also was extremely malnourished.

The caseworkers were receiving more than 13 complaints of abuse regarding Anthony Avalos between February of the year 2013 and April 2016. It also included sexual abuse against him when he was just four years old.

Furthermore, during the last few days of his life, his mother as well as others tortured Anthony Avalos repeatedly. His mother as well as her boyfriend whipped all over Anthony’s body. They even held him upside-down, dropped him on his head, sprayed hot sauce on his mouth, eyes, and nose, and also forced him to kneel on rice for several hours.

Moreover, there were at least 16 calls from School administrators as well as Relatives regarding the abuse of Anthony.


The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office was going after the death penalty against both the abusers, Barron and Leiva on August 28, 2019. However, both of them pled not guilty to intentional murder with the infliction of torture on the victim. Barron received charges with an additional abuse charge of one of her other sons in addition to the murder with a special circumstances charge. Likewise, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office under District Attorney George Gascón subsequently dropped the death penalty for Heather Maxine Barron and Kareem Ernesto Leiva.

Coming Out

Anthony had recently come out of the closet, claiming his homosexuality. He said that he liked both girls and boys. Maria Barron who is Anthony’s aunt stated that it would have taken immense bravery for Anthony to come out of his home. His aunt had always voiced her concerns about Antony’s mother Heather Barron as well as her boyfriend Kareem Leiva regarding this topic. Anthony’s mother and her boyfriend were homophobic and were against homosexuality.

Anthony Avalos – Relationship Status

Anthony was not in a relationship with anyone. He was just a ten-year-old kid living his difficult life. However, he did state that he liked both girls and boys. But nothing more than that.

Body Measurements

Anthony had a height of 4 feet 7 inches but his weight is unknown. However, he was underweight as he was malnourished and he was not fed enough by his mother. Likewise, Anthony has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Anthony Avalos

Caption: Anthony playing (Source: ABC7)

Social Media and Anthony Avalos – Net Worth 2023

He didn’t hold any social accounts and was not active on any social media platforms. As he didn’t have any work and career, he was not earning as well so, he doesn’t have any net worth and earnings.