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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Andrew Silverman


Andrew Silverman is a famous American businessman, real estate developer, and entrepreneur who hails from New York City, United States of America. Andrew Silverman is even more popular after being the ex-husband of Lauren Silverman. As of now, Lauren Silverman is the partner of Simon Cowell who is America’s Got Talent’s Judge and producer too.

Early Life and Childhood

The businessman was born in the year 1975, in New York City, United States of America. His present age must be forty-nine years old as of 2024 and his sun sign is Aries. Similarly, Andrew Silverman is an American citizen and follows the Christian religion.

Silverman was born into a business family where his father was a businessman and his mother was a housewife. So, it was quite easy for him to get into a business career.

He even has a brother and his name is Allen Silverman. Allen is also a businessman and handles a company together with his brother. Regarding his educational background, he went to a local private school located in New York City.

Later, he attended New York University where he completed his further studies in the field of Business Administration. The businessman for sure is well-educated and must be the topper of his school.

Andrew Silverman – Net Worth 2024

Being a successful real estate businessman in New York City, he has excellent wealth. He has a net worth of approximately $30 million which is very enough for him and his family for their whole life.

Silverman’s hard work which he was planning and doing from a very young age has already paid off. And as of now, he is busy handling his business and making it more successful.

Relationship Status

Andrew and Lauren were kindergarten friends and their family had a very strong and good bond with each other. Then, Lauren and he began dating each other in the year 1997 when Lauren was twenty years old.

After being in a romantic relationship for some time, the couple made a decisive step forward. Their wedding was in the year 2005 at a lavish resort in New York, United States. Overall the couple had a royal wedding.

Right after a year of their wedding, they welcomed a baby boy named Adam Silverman. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship was declining as he found out about his wife, Lauren’s secret relationship with the TV star “Simon Cowell”.

Then, he and Lauren divorced each other in the year 2013. Moreover, he has to give $2 million to Lauren as a divorce settlement. After some time, he began dating his new girlfriend whose name is Samantha Zimmerman Silverman.

The couple is now in a marital relationship. As of now, they are living a happy life together in New York. On the other side, his ex-wife, Lauren Silverman is also having a good time with her husband Simon Cowell together with their kids Adam Silverman and Eric Conwell.

Also, after their divorce, Lauren and Simon began being more present at public events and functions. Moreover, they were present every day holding each other’s hands and also going on a yacht for vacation.

People regard him as a third person between Lauren and Simon even after the most suffered person, in the end, was him.

Later, he told how it felt weird that the media was trying to cover their mistakes Lauren just because she was together with a celebrity. As of now, he has already gone to the normal position he was before.

Andrew Silverman

Caption: Andrew Silverman with his present wife (Source: Dreshare)

Career and Professional Life

Talking about Andrew Silverman’s career and professional life, he is a popular businessman and real estate developer as well. He is one of the most famous businessmen in the United States of America.

He was very interested in getting into the business field and doing business since he was very young. He was growing by presenting the land business on account of his father owning the New York land firm whose name is Andalex.

Right after completing his higher-level education, Silverman went on to work together with his father in his father’s business.

Then, he made a decision and an objective to enlarge his family business together with his brother, Allen Silverman. As of now, He handles and runs his own company whose name is “The Andalex Group”.

Similarly, the celebrity ex-husband also owns a company named is “Silver Entertainment and Gaming”. It was also found that he has also started completing serious deals.

However, the businessman became more popular after he became the husband of Lauren Silverman. Before that, he maintained a good distance from the media and the public even after becoming a famous businessman.

After his muddled divorce procedure with Lauren, he capitalized on an overspending rental structure in Connecticut as a group together with the designer FD Rich. They were forming in the region due to the family owning a waterfront home there.

Moreover, Silverman is increasing his possibility to Florida where he is planning to purchase sports scenes and gambling clubs from bankrupt firms.

Also, he is researching and putting resources into the gambling business. Apart from his business career, Silverman also serves as a philanthropist and is a part of various charity organizations or teams.

Andrew Silverman

Caption: Andrew Silverman with his ex-wife, Lauren Silverman at an event (Source: Daily Mail)

Body Measurements

Talking about the businessman’s physical appearance, Andrew Silverman has a good height of 5 feet 9 inches or else 175 cm or 1.75 m. He also has a body weight of around 75 kg or 16.34 lbs. Likewise, Silverman has a pair of brown eyes with dark brown hair color.

He is very concerned about his health and his work as well. He has a good diet which he has to follow every day and keeps himself very healthy. Also, the businessman has a medium complexion with a slightly huge body type.

Andrew Silverman – Social Media

Coming to the social media part, the famous businessman has never been involved in any social media platforms. Andrew Silverman is a very secretive person and prefers to keep his every personal information private or secret.

Even when he came into the spotlight after getting married to Lauren, he kept a huge distance from the media and the public. Moreover, he is keeping a low profile in front of the public and does not like when outsiders come into his personal life.