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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Andrei Jikh

Andrei Jikh is a famous YouTuber, content creator, social media personality, businessman, and investor from the United States of America. Andrei Jikh gained popularity for his content on personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship, as well as his expertise in artistry and magic tricks.

Early Life and Childhood

YouTuber Andrei was born on 4 January 1989, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. Currently, he is 34 years old. His real name is Andrei Jikh and doesn’t have any nicknames.

About his parents, siblings, and professions, nothing is known. He enjoys being with his family and cherishes the time he gets to spend with them. He might eventually reveal details to the public regarding his family. But he wants to keep his family out of the spotlight and wants them to live normal lives.

It is unknown how he spent his childhood, who his friends were, how he interacted with others, and other details. All the information related to his childhood is secret and he is a private person. He is American by nationality, his zodiac sign is Capricorn, his religion is Christian and his ethnicity is secret.


The identity of the school and college he attended is not publicly known. Since he was young, he has taken part in comedy and acting-related programs because he has a strong interest in both.

About his interactions with his teachers, and friends, and his interest in his studies, among other things, there is no information accessible. Perhaps in the future, he will provide information on his prior school experience, and we will update him here.

Net Worth 2024

The estimated value of his net worth is $5 Million. His work as a YouTuber, content creator, social media personality, businessman, and investor is his primary source of income. His weekly, monthly, and annual incomes are unclear at this time.

Thanks to sales and great work, he now lives in luxury and drives several fancy vehicles. We’ll update him here if he offers information about his weekly, annual, and monthly salaries.

Andrei Jikh in his car (Source Instagram)

Caption: Andrei Jikh in his car (Source Instagram)

Career and Professional Life

Jikh is an American YouTuber, content creator, social media personality, businessman, and investor who has achieved significant success in his career. He started his YouTube channel in 2009, initially posting videos of his magic tricks and tutorials.

Over time, he expanded his content to include vlogs, personal finance, and investing videos and has since become a prominent figure in the online finance community. He is known for his engaging and informative content that helps viewers learn about personal finance, investing, and building wealth.

In addition to his successful YouTube channel, he is also an entrepreneur and investor. He has launched his cardistry deck, called the JAQK Cellars, and has invested in various startups and companies. Also, he co-founded a fintech startup called Magic Spoon, which aims to make personal finance more accessible and engaging for younger audiences.

With 2.21 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he established himself as a major influencer in the personal finance and investing space. He has worked with a variety of brands and companies for endorsements and sponsorships, including Webull, Public, NordVPN, Skillshare, Audible, and Blue Apron.

Overall, his career is characterized by his dedication to educating and inspiring his viewers to improve their financial literacy and take control of their finances. His success as a content creator and entrepreneur is a testament to his hard work, creativity, and ability to connect with his audience.

He made quick growth in his career and was able to influence others via his work, which helped him become well-known. Eventually, as he gained notoriety, his career path came full circle. Not only did he become well-known on a global scale, but also in his native America.

Andrei Jikh in his YouTube video (Source YouTube)

Caption: Andrei Jikh in his YouTube video (Source YouTube)

Andrei Jikh – Brand Endorsements

Andrei has worked with several brands and companies for endorsements and sponsorships, particularly in the finance and investing space. He endorsed and promoted the products of brands such as Webull, Public, NordVPN, Skillshare, Blue Apron, Audible, and so on.

Through these brand partnerships, he has been able to promote products and services that align with his brand and values, while also monetizing his online platform and generating additional income streams.

Awards and Nomination

There is no information available about his awards and nominations. He is a famous YouTuber,  content creator, social media personality, businessman, and investor but till now he has not received any awards or nominations.

Ultimately, the impact of his work on his audience and the wider community is the most important measure of his success, regardless of any formal recognition he may or may not receive.

Relationship Status

Andrei is not married or engaged but he is dating Corrie O. Every date in his past has been confirmed and fact-checked. He keeps his personal and professional lives apart and is now focusing on his career and maintaining his relationship.

Only he seeks a partner who will commit to a lifelong love affair with him, and he finds Corrie to match these qualities. Together, they are living a very happy life and their social media profiles have a ton of pictures and videos.

Andrei Jikh with his girlfriend (Source Instagram)

Caption: Andrei Jikh with his girlfriend (Source Instagram)


Any information concerning Andrei Jikh is kept secret, even his professional life. He also possesses the ability to successfully handle both his personal and professional lives, and he has never revealed any information to the public.

In addition, he is a well-known YouTuber and social media personality who has never been the subject of any controversy or rumors. It is best to focus on a person’s professional accomplishments and contributions to their field, rather than their personal lives or any potential scandals or controversies.

Body Measurements

His actual height is 5 feet 7 inches and his weight is 70 kg. According to his images, his hair color is dark brown and silky, and his eyes are also attractive and blue.

His body type is average with a great personality and other body measurements like biceps, chest, and waist, are unknown inches. He is concerned about his body but takes a proper diet and he has clear skin.

Andrei Jikh – Social Media

Andrei Jikh is active on social media. On Instagram, he has 140 K followers and has followed 624 people there as he has posted 305 posts, and his Instagram account is marked with a blue checkmark. His account username is “andreijikh“.

We didn’t find his official Facebook account and there are lots of accounts similar to his name. On Twitter, he has 76.8K followers and has followed 188 people. He joined Twitter in December 2008. Plus, he is active on YouTube where he has 2.21 M subscribers.