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Updated On June 3, 2024
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Alex Erin

Alex Erin is an American social star who got recognition as a transgender male. Alex Erin posts a variety of pictures from his life, often beside friends or family on his Instagram handle @lex.erin where he has gained over 63k followers.

Early Life and Childhood

Alex Erin’s age is 23 years old as of 2024. He was born to American parents on March 2, 2000, in California under the birth sign Pisces. However, he has not mentioned his parents’ names. Similarly, he has three sisters along with one brother. Her older sister’s name is Taylor and Jade. He has a twin sister named Ashley Potter who he often features on his social media handles. He seems very close to his grandparents. Likewise, he mentioned his parents in his first YouTube video where he said that they are very supportive.

Alex Erin

Caption: Alex Erin posing along with his twin sister (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, he belongs to the American nationality and hasn’t shared his ethnicity. Moving toward his educational background, he might be currently studying at University and might have already graduated high school but not mentioned anything.

Transgender Journey

From his childhood days, Alex never accepted the fact that he was a girl and also not behave like a girl as well. Though he was born as a girl, he feels that he was born in the wrong body. He had a very tough time growing up with a confused state of mind. While he was studying in his elementary school, he knew he was different but could not figure out what the problem was.

Likewise, he used to have a crush on a girl who was in her late teens while studying in first grade. He indeed thought of jumping off a cliff just to impress her.  However, he wasn’t aware of his sexuality until he started attending middle school.
When he started developing a sense of fashion, he understood that he had a natural attraction towards boy outfits and even did not like wearing makeup, and was not interested in doing other things that a teenage girl would enjoy doing.

Confusion regarding Sexuality

Initially, he started thinking of himself as bisexual and even tried dressing up like a girl with the help of his sister. Sadly, it didn’t help him and created confusion regarding his sexuality. At that time, he started getting body image issues as his boobs were getting bigger at the time of his puberty. He hated that phase of his life and was deeply distressed which eventually led to anxiety and he separated himself from the world around him.

However, things started getting better in his high school freshman year. It took the age of 14 to realize that he was not comfortable with the girly look and started wearing the stuff that comforts him as a tomboy. After that, he feels so good showcasing his skin. He also started dating both genders to know more about himself.

In 2015, he decided to cut his long hair in the summer because he loved the way he looked. He also started dressing up like a boy which made a huge impact on his social life as well. He started making friends and spending time with them. During his sophomore year, his mother’s friends asked him to get himself a chest binder which changed his life forever by listening to the advice. He looks more like a boy after the chest binder which boosted his self-confidence. Then, he that he was transgender and was happy to figure out his sexuality.


As her parents told him, he would be getting surgery at the age of eighteen. As mentioned, he started getting testosterone along with surgery which made a great difference and he also sounds good as the intake of testosterone changed his voice. He undergoes sex reassignment surgery (SRS) which involves the removal of breast tissue. His parents along with his grandparents and twin sister have been remarkably supportive throughout his journey.

Alex Erin

Caption: Alex Erin before and after using testosterone for a year(Source: Instagram)

Throughout his transitional course from being a confused child to transgender, social media has been his biggest motive. He posted dancing videos on TikTok helped him to establish his identity among people and also shared his stories on YouTube that have inspired many people, who face similar situations.

Professional Life

Talking about Alex Erin’s professional life, he created his account on TikTok, previously named app  He posted the first video captioned “You’re in love with me” on June 28, 2o16. He attracted many fan followers on his TikTok account through his acting skills showcased over there alongside lip-sync videos. Likewise, he used to be very active on TikTok in 2017 and also posted more than one video daily. But currently, he is inactive on TikTok. However, he has gained over 559.7k followers with 42.1 million hearts. Likewise, his Instagram account ‘@alex.erin‘ has gained more than 48.6K followers to date.

Alex Erin

Caption: Alex Erin captured for Youtube video (Source: YouTube)

He also joined a 2017 tour called The Revolution Tour with several other fellow users. In addition, he created his self-titled YouTube channel and posted his first debut video titled “MEET ALEX THE LITTLE TRANS BOY!” on 20 February 2017, which gained 87k views. Usually, he posts a variety of vlogs about his life on the channel. Further, he has also created his Instagram and posted his first post about the photo written Protect Trans Kid.

Alex Erin – Net Worth 2024

Speaking up on his earnings, he is a rising social media star who has earned a quite considerable sum of money from his work. However, he has not mentioned his exact net worth officially. At present, he is not signed as a brand ambassador for any brands or products. Nevertheless, he will surely be involved in the brand endorsement of major brands in the coming future.

What is the relationship status of Alex Erin?

Reflecting on his relationship status, he seems to be in a relationship currently looking up to his Instagram post with a guy kissing but has not revealed his name. He has captioned that picture beautifully thanking his partner for sweet love on this Valentine’s Day rather than eating big fat chips along with his favorite TV show. He has also given #KindaGayButNotGay #ButGay4u. However, the duo seems blissful to each other.

Alex Erin

Caption: Alex Erin posing with his duo for a picture (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Alex Erin has been through tough times regarding his sexuality as his high school teachers and some of his friends misgender him. However, currently, he is living happily without any criticism. Similarly, he has not been through controversial acts till now and has maintained a clean image.

Alex Erin – Body Measurements

Alex Erin is a good-looking guy with a charming face who is a trans-male. He has a good height and with healthy body weight. Therefore, he has not revealed his exact height, weight, and body status. Likewise, he has blonde hair color with a pair of honey eyes.

Being a social media star, Alex Erin has created social media accounts like  Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, andYouTubee. But he does not seem to have an account on Facebook. Currently, he is active on Instagram by handle @alex.erin with more than 63.3k followers.

Alex Erin – Social Media

Likewise, Alex Erin has more than 2.3k followers on his Twitter account and over 27.1k subscribers on hisYouTubee channel. In addition, he has gained over 559.7k followers with 42.1 million hearts on Tiktok which is not active currently.