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Updated On February 25, 2024
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Addison Wallace


Addison Wallace is a YouTube personality. Addison Wallace starred alongside her extremely large family channel CRAZY MIDDLES.

Early Life

Addison Wallace is 15 years old. She was born on 3, 2008, in the United States of America, under the astrological sign of Virgo. Her biological parents’ names are not available at the moment. Likewise, she was adopted by Jared and Shelly Wallace along with her siblings. Her biological siblings are Aubrey, Miles, and Harlan.

Addison Wallace – Net Worth 2024

The YouTube personality Wallace contributes to the family YouTube channel CRAZY MIDDLES. The channel has made earnings of $183k as of August 2020. She is living a healthy, happy life with the Wallace family.

Her adoption story

Addison Wallace and her siblings Aubrey & Harlan are the biological siblings living together with their parents for about five/six years. Their parents were drug-addicted. The landlord found it and complained to DCS. DCS came to check and found a problem. So they remove children from the house. However, they did not leave them to foster care but as a kinship stayed with their maternal grandmother.

She, Aubrey, and Harlan stayed with their grandmother for almost one and a half years. Again after DCS checked the kids, they found their grandmother came home drinking a lot and physically abusing them. Their grandmother used to tell kids to keep it secret otherwise, she would mistreat them more, and it would be bad for them.

One of the siblings became brave enough to tell everything happening to them, and the siblings got split. Harlan moved to the Military academy. One of her biological siblings Miles is not together. However, these kids were able to meet their biological father after several years and even got featured on the YouTube video titled “MEET OUR BIOLOGICAL DAD! | SPECIAL VISIT!.”

Likewise, she changed her name to Addison from Gianna after being adopted officially in February 2017.

Addison Wallace

Caption: Addison Wallace posing with her biological siblings (Source: Instagram)

Rise to Stardom

Addison Wallace is a YouTube personality who appeared on the channel CRAZY MIDDLE. The following channel shows the story of Jared and Shelly Wallace who made it a goal to reunite separated siblings and incorporate them into their own family. She moved in with the family in February 2017.

They explained their family background in a video called “Which Kids Are Siblings? | Our Adoption Story.” It is one of the more popular videos produced for the channel in 2017.

Kylie and Landon Wallace are the two biological children of Jared and Shelly. Likewise, she lived in a family of 23. And has 21 siblings who all got featured in the CRAZY MIDDLES.

Further, her other siblings are Destiny, Weston, Jonathan, Cody, Nichole, and Blake, who are out of the home including Kylie & Landon. Similarly, Lacey, Jacob, Cynthia, Destiny, Trey, Spencer, Mason, Anavaeh, Braxton, Elizabeth, and Brinley, are also siblings living together in the same house.

Created on February 6, 2015, the channel features a family of 23. The video is exciting to watch. Some of the notable videos on the channel featuring her are  “EMERGENCY KITS FOR TEEN GIRLS 2019-2020! | BACK TO SCHOOL!  PERIOD KIT!,” “MISSING SISTER! LOST IN FOSTER CARE! MEET MY LONG LOST SISTER!,” and “NAME CHANGE? | ADOPTION! FOSTER CARE!.”

Today, the CRAZY MIDDLES channel has garnered more than 332K subscribers, with almost 85 million total views.

Addison Wallace

Caption: Addison Wallace with her CRAZY MIDDLES family (Source: Pinterest)

Relationship Status

Addison Wallace is most probably single. This beautiful personality is still one more year to step into Teenage. So, she is currently not young enough to get into a relationship. She is focusing on her studies right now. Growing up young, this charming girl will surely date her love of life.

As of now, she is single and enjoying her life. On a personal note, she has light brown eyes and brown hair color. She is very loving, caring, and kind in nature.

Addison Wallace

Caption: Addison posing for a photo (Source: Instagram)

Addison Wallace – Social Media

Addison does not have her accounts. However, she is featured on her family’s social media handles. Her family has accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, as well as Twitter with CRAZY MIDDLES username. Their social media handles have thousands of followers.